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People Tech announces IT Internship

Successful IT Internship program marches on

Bellevue, WA— January 9, 2019—People Tech (a Bellevue, WA based company) announces the successful completion of the November/December Internship class. Nine out of Ten Interns in that class have moved on to full-time jobs within the company.

“We provide this Internship program to offer an entry point for job-seekers who desire a career in the high-paying IT field. These Interns would otherwise not have a point of entry into an IT career.” said Mark W. Meyer, Executive Vice President at People Tech.

An opportunity to gain a career in IT

The People Tech Group of companies and clients benefit from this Internship class. Once an Intern successfully graduates from the 6-week Internship program, they are offered a full-time role with a People Tech company. As full-time employees they continue their learning in real-life “On the Job” scenarios within the company as well as with clients. This training continues to be managed and mentored by industry professionals with 6-10 years of experience to ensure quality of work and help the newly minted tech professional grow their knowledge and skills.

Growing the local IT talent pool

The Internship program responds to an industry need for dynamic tech talent and addresses some of the shortages thereof. People Tech recognizes this shortage, and this is the company’s contribution in order to widen the pool of local talent. To that goal, People Tech now has the next class of 12 Interns starting on January 9, 2019. The plan is to create a rolling class of Interns numbering between 8 and 15 at all times. This year’s goal is to have at least 45 people run through the Internship program in 2019.

Founded in 2006, People Tech is a global leader (with headquarters in Bellevue, WA) in the Enterprise Applications and IT Services marketplace. People Tech draws its expertise from strategic partnerships with technology leaders like Microsoft, Oracle, Peoplesoft and SAP and combines that with the deep understanding of its employees to provide best of breed solutions for clients.

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