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Outside-In I.T.: FyrSoft’s webinar in partnership with Microsoft helps enterprises better secure and manage their ‘remote work’ environments

On August 26th People Tech Group’s sister entity – FyrSoft hosted a webinar in partnership with Microsoft, titled “Outside-In I.T.,”. The webinar discussed the challenges businesses face as their core business operations are shifting outside of their corporate networks; and how FyrSoft and Microsoft can help enterprises manage this paradigm shift efficiently.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a tectonic shift in the way businesses manage their core operations. As ‘remote work’ is becoming increasingly prevalent, enterprises have pivoted their emphasis toward achieving and running lean I.T. setups. . However, managing ‘remote work’ setups has its own set of challenges that businesses are keen on exploring solutions for.

Based on their expertise in Microsoft Modern Workplace, FyrSoft came up with the idea to host a webinar and educate enterprises on how they can:

  • Enable Lean I.T. with no-touch, intelligent device provisioning and deployment
  • Enhance remote device security and management
  • Optimize their spend by leveraging their existing investments

FyrSoft joined hands with Microsoft to host the webinar “Outside-In I.T.,” showcasing the noticeable shift of businesses’ I.T. to outside their corporate networks.

The webinar’s panel included Shruthi Vijaya Nair, a Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, Bob Duffy – President of FyrSoft and, Jegadesh Sankar – FyrSoft’s Modern Workplace Specialist. The 3 panelists extensively discussed the challenges enterprises are facing around remote devices’ security, management, and costs.

Another important agenda of the webinar was about how businesses can leverage the collective capabilities of FyrSoft and Microsoft so that they could navigate the new paradigm of remote work management and its associated challenges effectively.

As the webinar was about the most pressing and current challenges businesses are facing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the webinar attracted key decision-makers from enterprises across several verticals including, many Azure experts from Microsoft.

FyrSoft has made the webinar’s full video recording available so other businesses can leverage their Modern Workplace expertise, backed by Microsoft, to effectively tackle their remote work management challenges.

To take your first step towards a lean, resilient, and cost-effective I.T. setup for your business, just follow the link below.

CLICK HERE to Access Webinar’s Full Recording

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