One of the world's leading travel and hospitality enterprises

One of the World’s Leading Travel and Hospitality Enterprises


One of the world’s leading travel and hospitality enterprises wanted to upgrade its existing Compensation module. The users needed adequate support for the current systems. The system also required manual testing to verify the functional and integration setups.

Proposed Solution

• Enhancements and upgrade of the solution created a seamless experience

• The solution helped in generating Payroll reports used in analyzing and making critical decisions

• The solution provided Core HCM support and Production Support

• The solution helped create various test scenarios. These test scenarios helped in testing Core HCM, Integrations, Payroll, Benefits and Advance Compensation modules

• Using Kainos helped in automation testing while combing for security issues

Key Benefits

• Implementing Reporting and Analytics on the Payroll module helped strategize decisions that align with the customer’s business goals

• Achieved cost-efficiency in delivery

• Reduction in manual effort owing to increased efficiency

• The solution eliminated duplication of activities and led to a spike in productivity

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