Robotic Process Automation Offerings

It is all about the people. Whether it is our customers, their employees, or our employees, we are here to elevate the self-actualization of the people. We want people to feel that all their talents are being utilized, thus improving their job satisfaction, by making sure they are empowered and enabled to do what they and only they can do best, such as thinking, judging, creative thinking, caring, innovating, inventing, discovering, selling, persuading and so on. And letting computers take care of the rest.

This is a win-win for organizations as well as employees. Employees perform best when they are doing what they do best. Thus, organizations can utilize that talent coming from satisfied employees and serve their customers and stakeholders.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), gradually and surely going in the direction of Intelligent Automation (IA) with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning inventions, is the future of humanity.

People Tech Group is at the forefront of this technology with our list of service offerings, partnering with the best of the breed technologies, UiPath™, the top contender for 3 years in a row per Gartner® studies.

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People Tech AI Enablement Services

A one-stop destination for Human Intelligence

People Tech Group understands how data plays the most vital role to learn & improve decision-making process. That is why we establish expert data annotation & niche data labelling services for machines by humans. In addition, we provide customer-centric services that assist business leaders in achieving new levels of competitive advantage.

We apply next-gen aggregation techniques for our data collection, annotation, and moderation technique that will help you think faster and deliver high-performance data. Our prime objective is to leverage ML and its accuracy, to have a AI-enabled future.

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Increase Student Retention Like Never Before

Because of the pandemic and various associated restrictions, Student Retention has become challenging for universities. People Tech Group leverages the power of analytics to increase student retention rates and stop students from dropping out.

Our analytics platform brings value to universities and colleges across the globe with meaningful partnerships and provide unbiased and science-based analytics to inform stakeholders and help them in data-driven decision-making. Predictive and prescriptive analytics will serve students better by creating more data-rich and improving relationships that ultimately drive enrolment rates up.

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Modern Solutions to Improve Analytics in Higher Education for Data-Driven Decision-Making

The Higher Ed landscape is changing rapidly, thanks to global trends that are increasingly turning towards eLearning and solutions that can increase student engagement. The global Higher education market size is projected to reach US $2367 billion by 2027, and the volume of data is supposed to grow by 800% in the next 5 years.

To make the best out of this data, universities are making critical decisions that improve student retention and increase enrollment with decisive data analytics solutions. People Tech brings value to universities across the globe with meaningful partnerships and help with insightful and data-driven decision-making.


Migrate Your PeopleSoft On-Premise Applications to Cloud and Transform Your Business Processes

PeopleSoft applications are central to many organizations’ business operations and processes. Traditionally, PeopleSoft applications have been on-premises, requiring organizations to spend significantly in terms of capital, resources, and infrastructure. Moving them to cloud enables organizations to leverage cloud for their business’ accelerated growth, limitless scalability, and, yes, advanced security.
That’s where People Tech Group is uniquely positioned to help you.

Prophecy - Meet your forecasting needs with the power of Machine Learning

A comprehensive, automated solution of its own kind to help derive near-accurate predictions for your business growth.

Organizations rely heavily on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to unlock rich insights their data estates can produce. People Tech’s Prophecy, a complexity-free managed forecasting solution, is built to cater to all domains with built-in machine learning models that make it incredibly easy to leverage data and derive insights.


Transforming the Automotive World with Intelligent Solutions

People Tech Group’s extensive Automotive capabilities help develop next-generation Automotive solutions to revolutionize personalized in-vehicle experience.

People Tech Group is specialized in offering intelligent, responsive, and high-performance Automotive solutions to enterprises to help them transform the way personalize mobility is perceived. Our Automotive portfolio extends across a range of capabilities, from Automotive Electronics to entire product engineering lifecycle – positioning us as the one-stop solution partner for customers with Automotive needs across the spectrum.


Human Capital Management - Workday, PeopleSoft and KRONOS

Employees can make or break the company, making them the most valuable resources. Therefore, businesses must hire the right talent that can help businesses to grow. But hiring the right talent is only a half-battle won. Managing it well is what differentiates the company from others.

The Human Capital Management solution helps businesses hire talents that will contribute towards business growth in the longer run. It also plays a crucial role in orienting a new employee to the system and streamlines the onboarding process.


Cloud Services

Framing a successful cloud strategy relies on understanding how cloud solutions will benefit your business and how they can meet your unique requirements.

The changing landscape in the pandemic has paved the road for accelerating cloud migration for end-to-end digital transformation and drive growth.

People Tech Group’s intuitive and modern solutions help you overcome cloud complexities by working with you to identify and implement the right cloud strategy. We help you migrate to the cloud and modernize legacy systems with cost-effective methods that are secure and agile.


Data Intelligence

In today’s data-driven business environment, effective use of data is key to business success. We believe in transforming complex business problems by using Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our solutions approach is to dive into your data and apply Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Machine Learning to the data to create innovative solutions that drive business growth.

People Tech helps you to connect to your data from various sources then applies Artificial Intelligence to extract insights and drive process improvements. We help you deliver data-driven insight to the right people at the right moment in time.

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Enterprise Software

With the advent of Enterprise Applications, businesses across the world have seen a sea change in productivity. Leveraging the out-of-box features offered by these suites of applications, businesses can derive greater ROI and performance from the same resources of time, people and materials. At the same time, our customers find some of the out-of-box features hard to use. We develop solutions that leverage the back-end ERP but creating a custom, tailored front end on these features that is easy to use and raises adoption.

If you already have a legacy ERP implemented People Tech can help you extend the base functionality supported by bringing the data into a data warehouse and leveraging it with analytics and machine learning unleashing the power of the of your ERP instance. Drawing expertise gathered over years of experience implementing, customizing, upgrading, and managing instances People Tech offers a ERP service offering that puts you in the driver’s seat of your IT initiatives.

People Tech’s Enterprise Application Services offering helps you keep your instances up-to-date and in ship shape, with its precision driven services that encompass the entire lifecycle of the application


Digital Transformation

We provide strategic Digital Transformation services that assist business leaders achieve new levels of competitive advantage. We help you deliver results including digital strategy roadmaps, solution envisioning and design, operations modernization, and customer experience overhauls.

Digital disruption is a threat to every business in every industry. Transform your organization to stay ahead of rapidly-changing industry demands. We help you identify and harness technology that drives transformation – specifically bringing data, cloud and mobile technologies together to transform business processes.

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Accessibility Services

Enhancing your web presence plays a critical role in improving user experience and increase customer satisfaction. Complying with Web Accessibility rules helps you make your content accessible for all, especially differently-abled populations. Furthermore, adhering to Accessibility guidelines also helps improve SEO and improve page rankings on search engines. People Tech Group enables you to assess and offer solutions that can help you comply with Web Accessibility rules make increase reach.

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We’ve worked with over a thousand clients world-wide.



Over the year’s we’ve won over a dozen awards such as Service Provider of the Year, Microsoft Partner Awards, Design awards, Best of Government award and one we are most proud of Best Company to Work For.



Strength in numbers with nearly two thousand employees worldwide with the skills
needed to help our
customers succeed.



We partner with some of the best in the business, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Gartner and Cisco to deliver superior solutions to our customers.


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First, we sit down with you to assess your current digital capabilities, and form a plan to educate your team and transform your business.

We provide in-depth assessment and discovery to help you stay ahead of rapidly changing industry demands. Dedicated project teams work with you to develop a strategy to achieve your goals.

Analysis of internal systems, processes, and customer-facing buy flows using the latest usability methods result in plans that deliver a shared vision of success for your business.

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Our designers use the latest tools and techniques to unravel complexity, crafting solutions that deliver results and are delightful to use.

With your business needs in mind, we leverage our user-centered design process to develop a shared vision of your customers’ experience.

Our state-of-the-art usability research lab enables our customers to refine their user experience designs before they build them.

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We eat tricky cloud migrations for breakfast. There is no enterprise software project or application development job too complex for our team.

Our design and development teams are modern, agile, and test-driven in every phase of the project. We work with you to continually collect feedback, iterate, and improve.

We have hundreds of highly trained employees working around the clock, all over the globe.

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Upgrade your operations with dedicated maintenance and support teams.

Align your systems and processes with your business goals using advanced automation and data analysis. We specialize in modern DevOps practices implementing Continuous Development / Continuous Integration (CI/CD) practices as well as automated testing and monitoring.

We are more than just a consultancy; we’re an extension of your operations team.