People Tech Group Helps Numly to Create AI-based Employee Management Ecosystem with AWS


Numly is an AI-powered people engagement and coaching platform that focuses on improving employees’ all-around performance by
developing their skills. The innovative platform helps companies drive consistent and multi-touch interactions among employees
continuously scaled and nurtured by AI.


Numly required a technical partner to implement the solution to streamline internal team
collaboration. Many enterprise teams that work globally face challenges of disengagement and reduced interaction levels among the employees and management teams. To overcome this challenge, Numly needed a partner to help in analyzing the data generated by the tailored AI


People Tech Group initiated the implementation of the solution by collecting all the available information in the RDS. We generated the
data from various sources across the ecosystem that helped us extract insights used by the customer to make data-driven decisions.

  • The information was moved to the Elastic Search using AWS Glue and other AWS services
  • The data was extracted to the Elastic Search using Lambda Services (Python) and aided in the optimization
  • The results were published as analytical reports using D3 charts and helped increase productivity

AWS Services Used as Part of the Solution

  • Elastic Beanstalk: Easy-to-use services that automatically aids in handling deployment details like capacity provisioning, load
    balancing, and application health monitoring
  • RDS: Enables the automation of various operational tasks and helps in reducing costs
  • AWS Glue: An AWS service that helps in automating and scaling the required resources which run the ETL processes
  • AWS EC2: The auto-recovery feature and the configured instances aid in continuity of operations while safeguarding the cloud
  • S3: The storage facility allows for easy migration of the instances while protecting them against any potential attacks
  • Elastic Search: The open-source search engine of AWS enables the user to run extensive log analytics for monitoring applications
  • Route53: This is a sophisticated DNS management and registration service provided by AWS that helps developers route the
    end-users with ease.
  • ACM: This function helps in automating the renewal and deployment of required certificates that aid in the continuity of
  • API Gateway: The fully managed service enables the developers to create RESTful APIs and WebSocket APIs
  • Lambda: This feature aids in optimizing the code by choosing the proper memory size to create a seamless experience
  • System Manager: Providing a unified user interface that allows
    visibility and control of the infrastructure on AWS
  • Codebuild: This fully integrated service aids in eliminating the need
    to build, patch, update and manage one’s servers and software
  • Cognito: Facilitates risk-based adaptive authentication while
    protecting all the devices from threats or attacks
  • Code Pipeline: This feature helps in automating release pipelines for
    quick, reliable application and infrastructure updates
  • Code Deploy: Ensures reduced downtime during the deployment
    and updating of the applications on the cloud ecosystem

Why AWS?

Amazon Web Services is the world’s most comprehensive and adopted cloud platform. The AI-enabled Numly’s application required a
highly secure cloud platform that supported a serverless architecture model. AWS provided all the necessary support and infrastructure
for Numly’s core services on a scalable architecture. AWS’s enterprise class data services include S3, RDS, API Gateway, Lambda Service,
AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS Cognito, Code Build, Code Deploy, EC2, AWS Glue Pipelines, etc. aids Numly in developing a fully secure,
robust, and enterprise-ready solution.

PeopleTech Group – Highlights

  • Over 60 million in annual revenue
  • Over 1500 Consultants working for fortune 1000 clients
  • Over 400 man years of collective experience of enterprise cloud management
  • 1 in 10 Fortune 50 Companies work with PeopleTech
  • Over 150 Technology centric consulting projects per fiscal year
  • Over 300 Enterprise Clients Across 40 States
  • Amazon Select Consulting Partner Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Perrenial Top 20 Cloud Computing Vendor in the Puget Sound in the Book of Lists

Impact & Key Results

  •  Displaying the D3 charts in various formats to analyze the information easily
  • Leveraging the skill ratings to help improve the employees’ performance
  • Utilizing the generated activity scores to help employees cultivate long-term
  • Implementing multiple S3 buckets for the ETL job
  • Automating the S3 bucket to create a seamless experience
  • Migrating the standard code to AWS Glue to reduce the utilization of
    various resources


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