Modernizing Your Data Platforms Using Azure Synapse: Challenges and How to Overcome Them

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In today’s competitive world, extracting intelligent insights from your data to make informed decisions is critical. While legacy solutions lack this profound capability, it’s also challenging to manage them, considering the expensive cost and security vulnerabilities. One must also take into consideration the problems in data modernization and functioning with data silos that prove fatal to your business.

That’s where Microsoft’s Azure Synapse comes to the rescue. It offers a cost-effective solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, it provides enhanced security and next-gen data modernization solutions for driving informed decision-making.

In this article, let’s shed some light on How Azure Synapse enables you to modernize your data and gain meaningful insights. The first step is to shed some light on the drivers involved in data modernization.

data modernization challenges

Drivers for Data Modernization

There could be multiple factors in your business that are highly critical which require deep modernization. Today, around 55% of companies face challenges maintaining data quality, and 58% of companies still struggle to meet the speed of change. (Source: Cognizant blog)

data quality and change stats

Here are some of the points to help you understand why your business is on the verge of needing a data modernization solution.

  • Slow time to analytics-ready data
  • Multiple Technologies and skill set issues
  • Unpredictable growth of volume of data and extracting insights in the digital world
  • Paying the high cost for Annual maintenance.
  • Increase in cost of Networking and managing data replications across multiple geos because of the local compliance issues.
  • Need for rapid experimentation with changing business dynamics
  • Going beyond structured data to all data (semi-structured/unstructured) to enable finding hidden insights and patterns in data
  • Scalability to address fluctuations in demand patterns quickly and optimally
  • Fast adaptation to change and the latest technologies to remain relevant in the highly competitive landscape.

There are also other challenges that trigger the need for data modernization in your business. These challenges include:

  • Building custom solutions for sharing data silos to maintain data quality
  • Less uptime guarantee provided in the legacy solutions
  • The absence of disaster recovery solutions

Although the circumstances are challenging, some business owners have started focusing on solutions and working on implementing them in their businesses. It’s essential to adapt to the shifting landscape and change your functions to remain relevant.

migration and modernization triggers

How the Market is Gearing Up to Address Major Challenges in Data Modernization

It’s critical for you to address the above challenges by building long-term strategies and ensuring their disciplined implementation. Here are some of the systems and solutions that market leaders are leveraging to overcome obstacles in data modernization.

  • Leveraging solutions that can provide insights in real-time
  • Adapting to changing business scenarios using informed decision making
  • Laying down a plan to meet critical security and compliance requirements
  • Integrating different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. with your company’s marketing strategy for high-quality business marketing
  • Putting together a plan to overcome challenges in Data Governance and Corp level taxonomy management
  • Setting up crucial data alerts as businesses are more into the online sector


data strategy planning and implementation

Things to Focus on as a Business Leader in these Disruptive Times

Some problems require solutions that need to be implemented by the business leader. These problems require umbrella solutions that will help make your data more flexible and accessible. These solutions are:

  • Creating and implementing a robust Data strategy
  • Having a model for implementing Data governance and security
  • Improving Data literacy and empowering data-driven culture
  • Focusing more on Data monetization
  • Implementing solutions to enhance Data compliance/encryption and privacy
  • Developing the maturity model of your data estate and capabilities.
  • Identify the GAPs and work on the core competencies
  • Provide a platform for all the users of the company, Move toward data democratization

Role of Azure Synapse

The Role of Azure Synapse

Azure Synapse is a streamlined, scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solution.

  • It offers 3x improvement in performance time
  • Dramatically improved operations
  • Lowered total cost of ownership (TCO),
  • Modernized business processes and decision-making

Azure Synapse provides 360-degree assistance in various ways that you can leverage to make data modernization possible. With Synapse implementation, you get improved performance, optimized cost, and flexibility.

Some of the critical characteristics of Azure Synapse include:

  • The best-in-class architecture supports all data needs
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to start
  • Proven security and airtight privacy
  • Dependable performance

the peopletech Azure solution

The People Tech Solution

The People Tech Group is one of the most successful global brands in IT enablement, digital transformation, cloud services, and related technology solutions. Working with global cloud providers such as Microsoft and AWS, we have focused on rich innovation to deliver best-to-breed technology solutions for businesses to grow.

In our Technology Innovation Workshop (TIW), we’ll focus on Azure Synapse and how it helps businesses fetch meaningful insights and adopt the culture of informed decision-making.

In the workshop, we’ll be focusing on:

  • Critical trends in your industry
  • Enterprise Data Strategy
  • Modern Data Platform using Microsoft Synapse
  • Industry use cases (Data silos, skill gap, M&A, Security, Compliance, Scalability, Democratization of Data, and Insights)
  • Our Industry Experts key learnings from Synapse implementation

Join us at the Technology Innovation Workshop (TIW) to explore the limitless possibilities of Azure Synapse. Click here to learn more and register.


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