Migrate Microsoft Workloads to AWS

Migrate your Microsoft Workloads to AWS for Better Scalability & Optimization

As an Advanced Consulting Partner of AWS, People Tech Group helps businesses migrate their Microsoft workloads to AWS to ensure greater security and scalability quotients on the cloud. The AWS Service Delivery Program, including the EC2 solution, helps AWS customers with better computing capabilities while reducing costs and securing their data.

The AWS Service Delivery Program has a range of benefits to offer:

  • Leveraging EC2’s simple interface to achieve maximum configurable capacity
  • Using field-tested, proven EC2 best practices to increase productivity
  • Configuring the AWS Delivery Service using EC2 interface to safeguard data
  • Optimizing performance and scaling resources
  • Troubleshooting EC2 issues to minimize disruptions
  • Monitoring activities to protect your environment against potential attacks
  • Analyzing the real-time logs based on requirements

People Tech Group offers the best of AWS features to migrate Microsoft Workloads to AWS, and some of the benefits are as below.

Complete Control: The migrated workloads are easily manageable through the EC2 interface.

High Performance:  Optimized usage of resources ensures complete monitoring & prompt issue detection.

Safeguarding the Cloud:  Security groups act as virtual firewalls to secure your workloads.

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