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Microsoft’s cloud-first focus impacts companies stuck with legacy workplace technology

Ubikite – a Redmond based startup from People Tech Group launches a suite of tools to help them manage this change

REDMOND, WA, USA, July 9, 2019

Microsoft is now fully-focused on the cloud, sending a disruptive ripple through many companies still maintaining legacy workplace technology. The move also opens a new opportunity for solution providers with the expertise to guide IT professionals through the cumbersome process of modernization.

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Vishwa Prasad, CEO, People Tech Group

Consulting firm veterans in Redmond are among those leading the way. PeopleTech Group is spinning out a new product development venture dedicated specifically to filling this emerging need.

“Our customers are facing the reality that the desktop operating systems they are familiar with are changing, driven largely by very real malware threats. Microsoft has announced the end of Windows 7 security patches and support in 2020, and Windows 10 updates will begin to happen more rapidly. IT professionals need tools to help them manage this change. We formed Ubikite to provide our clients automated help for managing this change,” says Vishwa Prasad, CEO of People Tech Group.

Similar start-ups have popped up across the United States, responding by promising to shepherd companies onto the cloud with one or more proprietary IaaS solutions—e.g. CloudJumper, Nerdio, and Frame—but few provide solutions for infrastructures managed exclusively on Microsoft Azure, WVD, and WaaS.

“With Ubikite tools, both on-prem Windows 10 desktops managed under WaaS and virtual desktops on WVD become much more manageable. IT professionals can become instant experts on WaaS and WVD, completing hours-worth of work in seconds with almost no learning curve,” said Prasad. “That is the power of Ubikite’s dashboard, automation and monitoring solutions. Enterprise users as well as Service Providers can use these tools to accelerate their move to Microsoft’s Modern Desktop”.

Ubikite is a startup based in Redmond, Washington dedicated to creating powerful, intuitive tools that make complex on-prem and virtual desktop management tasks quick and easy. For more information, email

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