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People Tech Group is engaged with a worldwide eCommerce retail company since 2012 providing various services under human capital management. Our consultants worked along with their team(s) to build highly scalable solutions to manage their employee hire-to-termination business processes. The key deliverables include consolidation of their HR Systems into one PeopleSoft instance worldwide, built utility to do high volume hiring to meet their seasonal requirements, built employee data store to decouple the integrations from their PeopleSoft database, implemented and providing support to KRONOS WFC time and attendance systems across all geographies..


Taleo is recruitment application identified to implement and manage seasonal workers on boarding.

  • Built integration between Taleo and PeopleSoft with greater possible automation to minimize on boarding team.
  • Each identified workers needs to sign contract as part of on boarding process and needs to have those all ready on first day of orientation (hire date) – Implemented integration with digital document system (OnBase)
  • Built new hiring process which brings all PeopleSoft Person and Job related functionalities, data collection etc. into simplified screens for fast hire.
  • Built automation to derive employee paygroup, frequency, badging etc.
  • Integration Broker integration between Taleo and PeopleSoft to manage candidate flow into PeopleSoft and successful hired employee data, hire failure candidate data, no show candidate data back to Taleo.
  • Brought down overall hiring and on-boarding timelines from days to 30 mins.
  • End to end automated process for hiring and on-boarding.
  • Automation jobs run every 30 mins exchanging candidate data, employee data, employee badging data, employee asset allocation data, and other account creation processes.
  • One click hire button reduces data entry time on the day of on-boarding the employees.

HR Systems Upgrade


Prepared project charter to present business case for upgrade and got buy off from stakeholders to execute upgrade project.

  • Identified and analyzed 3000+ undocumented customizations.
  • Rolled up all related small projects into bigger size projects with unique functionalities and formed 110 master projects.
  • Performed fit gap analysis of the identified 110 master projects and identified keep/drop objects.
  • Leveraged PeopleSoft Test Framework to test security retrofits.
  • Performed end to end retrofits, development, QA, SIT & supported UAT.
  • Planned and executed final cutover with minimal downtime.
  • Built documentation of all customizations by master project for any future use.
  • Defined a development process to be used for all future enhancements.
  • Go-live was done by renaming the production database. Setup Oracle replication for production database. On the day of cut over, brought down the primary database, made it as read only so that downstream applications can access PeopleSoft data while upgrade is in progress. Secondary database is renamed to a temporary name, performed upgrade on temp database, after upgrade is complete, rename the team instance to upgraded PROD instance. Updated TNS entries to point all integrations to newly upgraded database and shut down old release PROD in read only mode for any future reference.
  • Successful Go Live & Support transition.

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