institu client story



Insitu wanted to develop, test, implement and document a “Change Analysis Planning Process” (CAPP) database and application that will compile and manage “Proposed System Design Changes” for the purpose of collecting proposal attributes, performing functions (sorting, filtering, etc.), conducting what-if scenarios to establish priorities and establishing overall ranking to enable decision making (budget distribution, project planning, team priority).


CodeSmart proposes Cloud based solution for CAPP application and database. The application can either be hosted to be supported as Platform as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service. This architecture supports a design and implementation of portal that is used by CAPP database application for administrators and users to maintain CAPP items and create groups/bundles of CAPP items.

  • Flexible and easy to follow
  • Fixed price engagement – cost effective.
  • Onsite/offsite blended team
  • On time and bug-free delivery

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