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In a new twist on venture labs: People Tech Group forms captive venture lab, spins off Ubikite

The first spin off simplifies complex IT tasks significantly improving productivity of IT teams

REDMOND, WA, USA, July 12, 2019

Venture foundries provide fertile ground for disruptive ideas to take shape, usually supported by venture capital firms who recruit management teams with domain-specific knowledge to lead their foundry’s startups. But consulting firms that are established in their field are already well familiar with their customer’s needs and have the market-tested subject matter experts already onboard, bringing a working knowledge of their customer’s challenges. These firms can leverage this experience to bring solutions to respond to those needs.

Bob Duffy

Bob Duffy, CEO and Founder of Ubikite

One consulting firm says it’s uniquely-equipped to handle a brand-new need that will soon be shared by companies of all shapes and sizes across the globe, that is the management of Microsoft Windows as more and more infrastructure, apps, and data move to the cloud. Tom Malone, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at People Tech Group’s Triangulum Labs said, “We have a team that has literally 50 combined years understanding what IT Professionals want in the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Windows-as-a-Service (WaaS) space, so when we built our startup Ubikite’s solutions, they were grounded in real-world knowledge.

“During the build-out of Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), we wrote the Powershell WVD scripts used for initial field trials. Armed with this knowledge, we built Ubikite DaaS Manager to provide a dashboard that makes deploying and managing WVD environments simple and intuitive,” says Bob Duffy, CEO at Ubikite. “Plus our years of experience helping our client’s migrate to the latest Window’s offering provided us the insight to create Ubikite WaaS Manager, a dashboard providing IT Professionals the tools they need to discover, deploy and monitor their shift to Microsoft’s Windows-as-a-Service”.

The new venture studio will launch its suite of upstart tools at the upcoming touchstone event for the Microsoft partner community, Inspire, in Las Vegas next week. Several additional new ventures are also being explored by Triangulum Labs, Malone explained.

“Ubikite’s tools are coming to the market just as Microsoft’s Windows-as-a-Service and Windows Virtual Desktop are being deployed across enterprises. These tools are ready to help IT Professionals navigate the shift to the modern Workplace,” said Malone.

About Ubikite: Ubikite is a startup based in Redmond, Washington dedicated to creating powerful, intuitive tools that make complex IT tasks quick and easy. For more information, email

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