Reclaim 40% of your HR professional's time to achieve 10x faster employee onboarding by automating redundant HR processes

Maintaining employee wellness by utilizing legacy systems is one of the major challenges before HR professionals.

It's critical for HR teams to play a strategic role in business success by implementing industry standards and cutting-edge technology while keeping the focus on sustaining performance

With Robotic Processes Automation (RPA)

businesses can gain over 85% efficiency. With People Tech's 100% automation approach, we enable your HR team to create digital process automation with ease. With our solutions, your business tackles major challenges in HR such as:

Benefits of HR Processes Automation

Save time (Save 20+ hours per quarter with higher output)

Increase productivity (62% increase in hire productivity, 50% new hire retention)

Gain employees' trust (80% improvement in attitude towards company)

Save cost (Save Avg $220+ spent on a creation of document)

Remove human bias from recruiting process (Over 43% improvement)

Get the best candidate match (Over 31% improvement)

Major Uses Cases of HR Process Automation


Create Job Requisition: A job requisition is a formal document that department managers use to request the hiring of the new employees.

Create Job Profile: job profile is a summary of what the position has in store for a prospective employee.

Create Candidate pool: Source candidates from the portal and upload their details in the candidate pool.

Core HR Practices

Create organizations: Automate the process of creating workday organizations on a need basis. Creating Supervisory Organizations during the appraisal phase.

Reference letters: Automate the process of generating reference letters like Employment Verification Letter, Experience Letter, Appraisal Letter, Address Verification Letter and Relieving Letter.

Notifications: Automate the process of sending combined notifications to employees on their pending tasks and approvals.

Learning & Performance Management

Training Curriculum: Notify employees with the new training and learning path based on their current and future roles and based on their interests and skills.

Training completion status: Notify managers on their repartee's training completion status with updated scores and deadlines.

Meetings Scheduler: Schedule 1:1 meeting between employees and managers for SLA missing or non-completion issues.

Feedback: Send feedback requests and compile all the feedbacks. Send the updates to managers on weekly/monthly basis.

Benefit Management

Open Enrolment: Assist Benefit administrators during open enrolment. Track status and provide daily status reports to them.

Leave Management

Time Offs: Automated chatbots for employees to directly apply leaves in system. Track the leave balance and notify employees and managers for the same.

New Employee Onboarding

Generate Contract letters: Employment Contract, Offer Letter, Roles and Responsibilities letter.

Document Collection: Collection, parsing and storing data into the system.

Automate communication: Sending mails and reminders to the candidates during pre and post hiring.

Why People Tech?

Automate processes under your existing digital HR systems (Workday, etc.)

Recognize opportunities to introduce automation

Drag and drop editor to create robots equipped with artificial intelligence (AI)

4 months RoI on payroll automation

The Power of UiPath and Talented Pool of People Tech Group

People Tech Group is a Diamond Partner with UiPath, the world's leading automation platform. We help our customers improve business processes with our strategic partnership with UiPath that helps us build and develop solutions that matter.