Honoring the Corporettes

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Women today are often pulled towards a multitude of other priorities leading them to take a planned break. At People Tech Group, we recognize these breaks in career and welcome this incredible source of talent back to work. We have witnessed top performers quit at their peak, and when the time comes to resume their jobs, there is anxiety and apprehension about the future.

Lately, “return to work” employees come back many times stronger, with an arsenal of skills. After all, the soft skills, time management, and life skills learned during these breaks are valuable to our industry.

According to studies, more than 90% of women who take a break in India aspire to resume their work, and over half the percentage regain a job. Although times are thankfully changing for the better and women are inspired to resume their careers, not every employer has our ideals.

At People Tech, we strongly believe in empowering women. We incorporate adept women from diverse backgrounds and foster an inclusive environment. We are driven to bring talented women back into the game irrespective of why they had to hit the pause button. We ensure that those who return or restart their careers at People Tech are given support in the required direction with zero pressure. Our senior leaders mentor via workshops and training that focus on seamless integration and make the talent compete on a level playing field. Our flexible working hours allow employees to maneuver their hectic lives with a little more ease. We believe in breaking gender-biased stereotypes and encourage our team members to succeed in their careers. Furthermore, we ensure a conducive and positive environment for all employees, regardless of their gender.

Lakshmi Alluri, Head of HR at People Tech says, “To nurture successful careers and encourage our women employees to stride up the ladder, People Tech primarily ensures workplace happiness. We strongly believe in career progression while work-life balance is in check too. Our positive work culture promotes diversity and an inclusive environment.”

Our company consists of 55% of women employees, of which 20% are operating at the managerial or leadership level. We strive to engage, recognize and reward team members across all the departments and functions with 360-degree employee recognition initiatives. With our dynamic Culture of Recognition and Appreciation, all Individual, Team & Organizational achievements are encouraged and celebrated in a fun and easygoing atmosphere. As a result, all our champions’ successes are emphasized, and our talent is encouraged to aim higher!

Come, Join People Tech today and pace up!

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