Modern Solutions to Improve Analytics in Higher Education for Data-Driven Decision-Making

The Higher Ed landscape is changing rapidly, thanks to global trends that are increasingly turning towards eLearning and solutions that can increase student engagement. The global Higher education market size is projected to reach US $2367 billion by 2027, and the volume of data is supposed to grow by 800% in the next 5 years.

To make the best out of this data, universities are making critical decisions that improve student retention and increase enrollment with decisive data analytics solutions. People Tech brings value to universities across the globe with meaningful partnerships and help with insightful and data-driven decision-making.

People Tech Data Lake Solutions

With People Tech’s Data Lake solutions, universities can harness more data in less time from multiple sources and analyze it in different ways to make better decisions and improve collaboration.

Leveraging People Tech’s Data Lake solutions help universities:

    • Improve student-university interactions
    • Increase operational efficiency
    • Improve R&D innovation outcomes

Our Analytics Offerings for the Higher Ed Space

People Tech helps universities with implementing integration frameworks, deploying data analytics through Azure Synapse, and collecting quick and meaningful insights by delivering self-serve BI platform.

Key offerings include:

Zero-cost Analytics PoC

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging People Tech analytics offerings and get benefits, namely:

    • Zero-cost assessment on backend systems and a proof of concept
    • Extracting and building unstructured data
    • Generating 2 real-time analytical dashboards – Student Retention & Curriculum Planning
    • Data lake installations and building data marts

To know more about our Student Retention PoC, Click here

Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics for Higher Ed 

With predictive and prescriptive analytics, serve students better by becoming more data-rich and improve relationships that ultimately drive enrollment rate up.

Our predictive and prescriptive analytics help universities with:

  • Learning deficits and customizing academic experiences
  • Accelerating student learning curve by allowing them to sift through content
  • Understanding student behavior and prescribe best plans of action for students
  • Optimizing financial aid, tuition revenue, and graduation rates

Why People Tech?

Our business value proposition to Higher Ed institutions covers both students and universities.


  • Increased Student enrollment and retention
  • Student demographics and behavior understanding
  • Improved graduation rates with better student monitoring
  • Meaningful comparisons across diverse programs


  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Optimized use of resources
  • Grant prediction and utilization



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