Migrate Your PeopleSoft On-Premise Applications to Cloud and Transform Your Business Processes

PeopleSoft applications are central to many organizations’ business operations and processes. Traditionally, PeopleSoft applications have been on-premises, requiring organizations to spend significantly in terms of capital, resources, and infrastructure. Moving them to cloud enables organizations to leverage cloud for their business’ accelerated growth, limitless scalability, and, yes, advanced security.
That’s where People Tech Group is uniquely positioned to help you.

Walk Away with the Best of Cloud for your PeopleSoft Applications

Offers full spectrum of services, ranging from implementation and upgrades to application support and maintenance, as well as managed operations.

People Tech’s Proprietary, 5-Step PeopleSoft Cloud Migration Approach

Zero-cost Cloud Migration

People Tech Group is committed to improving your operational efficiency by migrating PeopleSoft applications to the cloud. With our zero-cost cloud migration* offer, get the most out of migrating your PeopleSoft applications to the cloud and scale by reducing maintenance costs.

Kickstart your cloud migration journey with People Tech with zero-cost cloud migration* to receive the following benefits:

Why People Tech for your PeopleSoft Applications’ Migration?

People Tech unified solutions deliver tailored, comprehensive services that leverage a global support model that aids in accelerating business growth.

Our PeopleSoft Cloud Migration Expertise Across Major Cloud Services Providers


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