Build an Integrated Data Ecosystem with People Tech Group’s High-Performance, User-Friendly ETL Software

Gain a unified view of your data assets and make holistic, data-driven decisions with People Tech Group’s high-performance ETL solution that offers data transformation capabilities for all types of companies

Businesses need a solution that can help them derive meaningful inferences from their data by breaking data silos and increasing accessibility. As data play a crucial role in business success, companies are looking forward to a solution that can help them do data messaging, transformation, and loading at the same place.

People Tech Group’s ETL solution is developed to meet the demands of modern enterprises. Our ETL tool helps businesses of all types to address data complexities and transform them for informed decision-making.

Key Features   

Easy-to-use Interface

People Tech Group’s ELT tool stores data from multiple departments, such as payroll, finance, marketing, HR, Sales, etc., in separate spreadsheets and collates them into a single workbook. This helps developers and non-developers to get the same level of usability and approachability.

All Data Format Support

Support to all types of data format makes People Tech Group’s ETL tool one of the excellent solutions to look out for. It transforms the data at the source to mitigate compatibility issues and handles operations on the applications level to meet the target system.

Advanced-Data Mapping and Transformation

The data are mapped appropriately according to its relevant departments due to field-level data transformation. It also takes guidance from the data workbook to meet the target system.

Parallel Processing

Our tool helps save time and gain the maximum data extraction using parallel processing by fetching data from multiple platforms onto a single file format. Thus, it generates various files in less time.


Process Orchestration to Save Time

Our ETL tools come with built-in data validation functionality that ensures no blank spaces for mandatory fields. Additionally, redundant and inconsistent data is cleaned up using an in-built data clean-up tool to ensure error-less data.

Define Data Quality Rules

Identify and correct missing, inaccurate data by defining data quality rules and validations. Gain better visibility into data quality and warning by creating a record-level log.

Our Process



Attempt data extraction from multiple sources for messaging and transformation with the help of parallel processing. This helps extract data from existing systems for targeting applications regardless of size and format.


Use PeopleSoft’s tremendous capabilities to set up pages and view them instantly according to Workday formats. Additionally, attempt data transformation for cost centers, HR status, job profiles, relationships, and positions with hierarchical data processing, data merging, data capture, reference lookups, and more.


Get all the fetched data into a single workbook consisting of spreadsheets carrying data from multiple platforms without significant inaccuracies and redundancy. Apply data validations to ensure no mandatory fields are to avoid discrepancies and errors.