Data Bricks

Data Brick Solution

The Problem

  • Global Procurement is annually a multi billion-dollar transaction sector. The team wanted a modern data and analytics platform that supports their digital transformation journey.​
  • To review and analyze prodcure ERP data and domains across a variety of dimensions.​
  • Map data from ERP system to one taxonomy. Ability to drill down from summary scorecards into transaction level details.​
  • Need a solution where global users can access 24/7 and it has to be scalable for future capabilities. ​
  • Develop a solution in Azure Synapse that handles concurrent customer requests and provide data with reduced time lag (less than 12 hours)​

The Solution

  • A scalable and 24/7 available solution with automated data pipelines to feed the front-end apps (Power BI dashboards).​
  • Azure Synapse used as the major consumption layer for Dashboards and Reporting.​
  • Azure Data lake (Data in Delta format in ADLS Gen2) as consumption layer for Data Science (ML/AI).​
  • Azure Data Factory (ADF) is the primary orchestration tool & Databricks is the key transformation tool​

The Result

  • Data is aggregated and fed into Power BI for spend and supplier performance dashboards for global procurement sector with adequate drill down capabilities.​
  • Data is processed, cleansed and enriched in the data lake and ready to consume in Synapse.​
  • Handled large amounts of global incoming data from many disparate formats and systems. ​
  • Silver layer data ready to be consumed for ML/AI use cases. ​

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