Data Platform Modernization and Analytics Workshop

Implementing a data-driven business culture to make smart decisions with the help of People Tech’s analytic solution.

Date: Thursday, June 22nd , 2023 12:00 PM CST

Location : Dallas

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Data Platform Modernization and Analytics Workshop

People Tech’s analytics solution to build intelligent decisions and develop a data-driven business culture

Date: Thursday, June 22nd , 2023 12:00 PM CST

Location : Dallas

Improve Your Business Performance & Make Intelligent Decisions with Data Analytics

The global predictive analysis market is expected to reach $22.1 bn by 2026, and organizations have increased their BI budgets by over 50% since 2022. Effective data processing allows organization to promptly respond to evolving market conditions by exploring new business models and leveraging their data to personalize their product offerings. Therefore, there is a demand for IT infrastructure, data management, and warehouse in every business to process and analyze large amounts of data and make their operations transparent.

Learn how Microsoft gold-certified partner, People Tech can assist organizations in overcoming big data hurdles and deploying best-in-class big data analytics processing and reporting via Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI. With over 2000 industry specialists, People Tech can help organizations transition to a data-first culture.

Business Data Challenge in 2023 Data & Analytics Growth Rate 2023 Data Analytics Trends 2023 Data Analytics Solution
Managing unstructured data that cannot be efficiently stored on traditional databases.
In 2022, 87.8% of executives reported companies increasing investments in data, analytics, and AI.
Analytics becomes pervasive, democratized, and composable.
Organizations can leverage AI/ML technologies, data analytics, and BI tools, to manage complex data types and extract valuable insights from unstructured data on a large scale.
Processing big data in unified formats remains a challenge as organizations need to ensure their systems can handle the input and output of information effectively.
In 2023, 83.9% of executives expected the investment trend to continue.
Traditional dashboards are replaced by dynamic data storytelling and data visualization.
Data Virtualization and visualization can help ease data-related challenges and generate tangible business value.
Ensuring data security is a big concern for organizations. With increased cybercrime, non-encrypted data becomes vulnerable to theft or damage.
91.9% of respondents agreed that data investment is increasing business value.
Growing emphasis on augmented data management and operationalizing AI.
Suspicious user behaviour can be detected and prevented through an analytical algorithm designed to identify fraud attempts and assess associated risks.
Organizations must maintain data quality continually, or poor data quality can cause costly mistakes.
Only 1.6% of executives highlighted data literacy as an investment priority, despite investing in data modernization, data products, and AI/ML initiatives.
Data Architectures: Data Fabrics, Data Lakes, Data Mesh, Data Warehouse
Data can be automatically analyzed using AI and NLP, and insights can be generated. This process is streamlined, from data entry and storage to analysis and AI and ML.
Scaling Big Data systems, Building Big Data environments, and Evaluating Big Data technologies.
40.2% of executives reported that their companies have established data ethics policies.
Meta-data-driven data fabric continues to become prevalent.
Effective scaling methods include database sharding, memory caching, migrating to the cloud, and separating read-only and write-active databases.
Implementing real-time data analytics and validation processes is essential to stay ahead of the game.
In 2023, 95% of Fortune 500 companies are set to converge analytics governance into broader data and analytics governance initiatives.
Analytics is extending to the edge, allowing real-time and adaptive decision-making.
Power BI and analytics create dashboards that enable real-time data visualization and provide accurate insights.


Outcomes of the Workshop

Helping you develop a resilient business by using data and analytics effectively, with the support of the People Tech and Microsoft partnership.
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Shashi Koteshwara

Managing Partner


Venkat Narayanan

Principal Architect - Data and Analytics


Rachel Lu

Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect

Come and experience - Demos​


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