Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)
for Your Remote Employees

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) for Your Remote Employees

In response to the growing need for businesses to support their remote workforces, People Tech has partnered with Microsoft to offer a solution that enables secure, uninterrupted, and scalable access to corporate desktops and applications. Leveraging Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), we help customers from various business functions deploy reliable and secure virtual desktop environments. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a cloud-based desktop and application virtualization service that brings several advantages for remote employees. It provides a seamless multi-session Windows 10 virtual desktop experience, ensuring smooth and efficient workflows. With optimized Microsoft 365 resources, users can maximize productivity and collaboration. WVD is compatible with all endpoint devices, allowing flexibility and accessibility from any location. Additionally, its high scalability ensures businesses can easily expand their virtual desktop infrastructure as needed. By utilizing Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop, businesses can empower their remote workforce with a robust and user-friendly virtualization solution that enhances productivity and enables efficient remote collaboration.

Why Chose Us?

Windows Virtual Desktop Offerings:

Multi-session Windows 10 Virtual Desktop Experience: Microsoft WVD goes beyond enabling remote desktop services by providing an authentic multi-session Windows 10 virtual desktop experience. It allows multiple concurrent remote users to access the full range of Windows 10 features seamlessly in the cloud. WVD is highly scalable and compatible with various devices and platforms.

Productivity with Optimized Microsoft 365 Apps: WVD ensures that remote desktop access is not a compromised experience. It optimizes Microsoft 365 applications, empowering remote users with an enterprise-grade experience that enhances productivity.

Migrate Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to Azure: If you currently use the legacy Remote Desktop Services (RDS), WVD offers a smooth migration path to Azure. By migrating your RDS environment to Azure, you can simplify virtual device deployment and management while leveraging the power of the cloud.

Quick Apps Deployment & Scalability: With WVD, you can easily virtualize your legacy applications and deploy them to the cloud within minutes. Azure’s unified management capabilities allow for streamlined deployment and scalability, all from a single management interface.

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