Unleash SAP’s Full Potential on Azure

Unleash SAP’s Full Potential on Azure

We understand that your SAP environment is constantly evolving and expanding. To optimize its efficiency and achieve the best results, it’s crucial to leverage the power of the cloud. That’s why, through our partnership with Microsoft, we at People Tech offer our cutting-edge Azure expertise to help you transform your SAP landscape. By automating infrastructure and DevOps processes, we enable you to unlock the maximum potential of your SAP system.

Looking ahead, it’s important to note that SAP will only support the modern HANA database in the near future. This means that enterprises need to migrate their SAP applications to HANA to stay up to date. When it comes to implementing your SAP HANA solution, Azure is the ideal choice. It stands out by providing intelligent hardware scaling, which allows your business to adapt seamlessly and grow. Unlike traditional on-premises servers, Azure ensures a smoother and more efficient transition to SAP HANA.

Why choose us?

Migrating SAP to Azure is an essential step in your Digital Transformation journey. Migrating to Azure enables organizations to take advantage of benefits such as cost optimization, security, scalability, and intelligent data. But why We’re the Best Choice?

Key Benefits

Security: Azure provides robust security features and holds leading compliance and trust certifications to protect your SAP estate and critical applications. It is trusted by nearly 8 out of 10 Fortune 500 enterprises for their SAP systems’ security and compliance requirements.

Cost Efficiency: With its scalability and integration capabilities, Azure helps optimize infrastructure spending by reducing costs by up to 50%.

Superior Computing and Scalable Usage: Azure delivers the necessary computing power to handle heavy-duty SAP workloads such as HANA and S/4 without any glitches. Additionally, Azure’s subscription follows a ‘pay-as-you-go’ model, ensuring you only pay for what you consume, without any additional or wasted expenses.

Uninterrupted Uptime: Azure offers extensive availability and comprehensive disaster recovery features, guaranteeing an uninterrupted uptime of approximately 99.99% for your SAP systems.

Flexibility & Productivity: Azure’s prebuilt features provide a high degree of flexibility, allowing quick deployment and utilization of environments within hours. Moreover, Azure’s integration capabilities with emerging technologies like mobility, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and IoT enable seamless integration for your SAP estate, resulting in increased productivity.

Migrating your SAP Applications to Azure with our:

Entirely-On-Cloud Approach: With our expertise in digitally transforming enterprises, we specialize in seamlessly migrating entire workloads to the cloud. Our in-depth knowledge of Azure enables us to assist you in leveraging its capabilities like no other.

Secure, Quick, and Foolproof Migration: Combining our experience in cloud migration with deep SAP expertise, we are well-equipped with the best practices to ensure a secure and comprehensive migration of your SAP systems to the cloud. You can trust us to handle your migration with efficiency and thoroughness.

Cloud Support That Covers It All: As a Microsoft Partner, People Tech Cloud Support offering encompasses all your cloud requirements, from migration to ongoing maintenance. You can rely on us to provide comprehensive support for your cloud journey, all conveniently available under one roof.

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