Cloud Foundations: Enabling Enterprises' Mission-Critical Cloud Configurations with Speed, Security, and Efficiency

Cloud Foundations: Enabling Enterprises' Mission-Critical Cloud Configurations with Speed, Security, and Efficiency

In collaboration with Microsoft, People Tech provides Cloud Foundations to support businesses lacking cloud presence or experience. Our mission is to assist these businesses in transitioning to the cloud seamlessly, incorporating Mission-Critical Cloud Configurations (MC3) for optimal performance.

By identifying crucial components of business’s operations, we configure them on the cloud, enabling swift, secure, and efficient migration. Additionally, we extend our expertise to businesses already utilizing cloud services, offering guidance on essential practices including security, governance, and cost management.

Our aim is to ensure that these businesses fully leverage the value of cloud environments, unlocking their complete business potential.

Mission-Critical Cloud Configuration (MC3)

People Tech introduces Mission-Critical Cloud Configuration (MC3), an essential solution for businesses transitioning to the cloud. We have identified mission-critical components that are vital for successful cloud migration. With our MC3 offering, we assist organizations in configuring these components on the cloud, enabling them to swiftly and efficiently harness the advantages of cloud technology. Our MC3 solution includes the following key elements:

Best Practices for Businesses on Cloud

Our comprehensive offering – Cloud Foundations assists businesses that are already utilizing cloud services with implementing best practices for secure, compliant, and cost-optimized cloud management.

Security: We prioritize robust security measures to safeguard enterprise cloud environments. Our security offerings in Cloud Foundations include:

  • Identity Management
  • Resilient Identity Pattern (RIP)
  • Cybersecurity & Monitoring (SIEM/SOAR)
  • Backup & Recovery (BUR)
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

Cost Management: We recognize the importance of optimizing costs for businesses embracing the cloud. Our Cloud Foundations facilitate effective cost management through:

  • In-depth analysis of cloud spending to project future costs accurately.
  • Educational resources on cloud cost management during the “Organizational Readiness” workshops conducted throughout the cloud migration journey.
  • Efficient tools for managing and monitoring cloud expenditures.

Governance: Within Cloud Foundations, our governance processes empower enterprises to manage cloud resources and ensure compliance adherence. We assist businesses in defining and implementing:

  • Management groups for enhanced control over cloud resources.
  • Policies at the organizational, user, and user-role levels to enforce compliance regulations and maintain better oversight.

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