Client Stories


Countable is an end-to-end platform with a centralized hub that allows one to manage the engagements, documents, and the firm on the secure cloud environment.

This application aids in managing the Notice to Reader (NTR) which is one of the key audit services. About Countable Global Service Provider utilizing the cloud environment to manage

General Motors

GM wanted to improve the way they designed and built Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for In-Vehicle-Infotainment system.

The legacy process included the drafting of an over 1000 page specification that was sent to multiple suppliers for different world-wide markets. This process led to higher costs as well as usability and quality problems.

A Leading eCommerce Company

People Tech Group is engaged with a worldwide eCommerce retail company since 2012 providing various services under human capital management. Our consultants worked along with their team(s) to build highly scalable solutions to manage their employee hire-to-termination business processes.

Microsoft EPS Apps

People Tech has been engaged to make the website accessibility compliant as per MAS rules meet ADA and Section 508 compliance and to enable accessibility in the current UI and to complete UX/UI revamp ITAuthorize-EP, Self Serv and Tracking applications in EPS Group

Microsoft Rewards & Promotions

Microsoft has employee policies to promote and reward the work of employees. There are independent applications for rewards, promotions, special awards etc. Maintaining information in multiple applications is reducing the efficiency of the resources

Product Migration to a Sustainable Platform

Wolters Kluwer wanted to migrate their flagship product, Ovid, to a more sustainable platform. The existing Ovid platform was based on decades-old technology, which was not sustainable for future maintenance and application enhancements.

Design & Implementation of a Smart-Energy Management Application

WHYGRENE addresses Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) greatest problem: the power supply & demand imbalance . Our Transactive Distributed Energy Management System (TDERMS) is an application that optimizes energy management for utilities and DER Owners.

People Tech Group Helps Fractionable Migrate Workloads to AWS

Fractionable wanted to develop a set of services that support large project teams as well as small businesses and startups. These services span from IT infrastructure to back office functions like recruiting and finance. One of the first customers was a large project team that develops in-car/vehicle infotainment system (ICE or IVI) for General Motors.

Dynamic Learning Platform

Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner Organization had collected 5 years of partner utilization data via their Dynamics Learning Platform (DLP). This data held key insights that could be leveraged to help partners create better learning plans for partner resources and help surface the best courses individuals should take to advance their ability to successfully implement Microsoft’s Dynamic family of products.

Cci / Yomingo

Customized Communication’s health care division wanted to be able to deliver their award winning content to patients and instructors on mobile and tablet platforms, providing patients a differentiated, personalized patient information delivery capability.


Insitu wanted to develop, test, implement and document a “Change Analysis Planning Process” (CAPP) database and application that will compile and manage “Proposed System Design Changes” for the purpose of collecting proposal attributes, performing functions (sorting, filtering, etc.), conducting what-if scenarios to establish priorities and establishing overall ranking to enable decision making (budget distribution, project planning, team priority).


Weyerhaeuser is one of the world’s largest private owners of timberlands. It owns or controls more than 6 million acres of timberlands, primarily in the U.S., and manages another 14 million acres under long-term licenses in Canada. The company also manufactures wood and cellulose fiber products. Weyerhaeuser is a real estate investment trust.

Wolters Kluwer

The goals of the project were to move the application to a more supportable platform, improve application performance by moving to a Cloud hosted infrastructure, and reduce complexity around supporting multiple versions of software. We started by conducting an analysis to understand the application architecture and create a plan to migrate the application to a scalable modern public cloud platform.

Stanford University

Stanford needed a design and development partner that could assist them in creating new solutions that service their students and employees. Existing systems were perceived as hard to use, with information difficult to find. The goal was to make these systems more accessible both on the web and via mobile and tablet devices to serve this highly mobile audience.

One of the World's Leading Travel and Hospitality Enterprises

One of the world’s leading travel and hospitality enterprises wanted to upgrade its existing Compensation module so that its users could leverage the required support for the current systems. The system also required manual testing to verify the functional and integration setups.

World's Largest E-Commerce Conglomerate

The world’s largest e-commerce conglomerate wanted to upgrade their legacy systems to be able to scale their operations, enable access from remote devices, and alter its business logic to interact with upstream systems.

Wolters Kluwers – OVID Web Accessibility

Ovid is the world’s leading information search, discovery, and management solution providing professionals in science, medicine, and healthcare all over the world with a single online destination for seamlessly accessing and working with premium online journals, books, and databases from the world’s leading publishers.

Stanford – Axess Redesign

Axess is a consolidated online platform used by the Stanford community to access information and record transactions related to Academic Advising, Teaching and Grading, Employment, Student Enrollment and Financials, Training and Workflow-Enabled Administrative Processes

Advertising Marketplace – Amazon ElasticSearch and Stripe Integration

Advertising Marketplace (AMP) seeks to revolutionize the purchase and sale of Out of Home (OOH) media. To help them manage them. To address the proper solution for them, we created an initial software website for buyers, sellers, and brokers of Out of Home (“OOH”) media. Users can sign up on the AMP website and buy or sell OOH Media. It helps them to get instant responses to their RFPs and can stack multiple sellers, formats, and dates in a single campaign.

Data Brick Solution

The Problem Global Procurement is annually a multi billion-dollar transaction sector. The team wanted a modern data and analytics platform that supports their digital transformation journey.​ To review and analyze prodcure ERP data and domains across a variety of dimensions.​ Map data from ERP system to one taxonomy. Ability to drill down from summary scorecardsContinue reading →

Data Lake Solution Accelerator for Low Latency Data Processing​

The Problem ​The requirement was to develop a data platform to collect, organize, process and provide insights into business, operational aspects and enable development of customer value added, data driven product features and dashboards. ​ Raw data was stored with no oversight of the contents​ The platform needs to have defined mechanisms to catalog, andContinue reading →

Data Lake Solution​

The Problem The requirement was to develop a data platform to collect, organize, process and provide insights into business, operational aspects and enable development of customer value added, data driven product features and dashboards. ​ Raw data was stored with no oversight of the contents​ The platform needs to have defined mechanisms to catalog, andContinue reading →