Robotic Process Automation Offerings

It is all about the people. Whether it is our customers, their employees, or our employees, we are here to elevate the self-actualization of the people. We want people to feel that all their talents are being utilized, thus improving their job satisfaction, by making sure they are empowered and enabled to do what theyContinue reading →

PeopleSoft – Human Capital Management

People Tech Group’s PeopleSoft expertise helps customers with integrated software packages that assist in the day-to-day execution of their business operations with various applications like HCM, FSCM, ELM, CRM, and CS. In addition, our customized solutions empower you to accelerate the most critical initiatives.

Workday – Human Capital Management

Over 8000 businesses worldwide use Workday solutions underlining the popularity of the easy-to-use software. People Tech Group’s holistic methodology helps in adopting the Workday solution with a blend of modules and processes that helps address the workforce demands. In addition, the tailored solutions cover operational support that provides checks on any issues that could arise.Continue reading →

People Tech Group Helps Numly to Create AI-based Employee Management Ecosystem with AWS

Overview Numly is an AI-powered people engagement and coaching platform that focuses on improving employees’ all-around performance by developing their skills. The innovative platform helps companies drive consistent and multi-touch interactions among employees continuously scaled and nurtured by AI. Problem Numly required a technical partner to implement the solution to streamline internal team collaboration. ManyContinue reading →

Modern Solutions to Improve Analytics in Higher Education for Data-Driven Decision-Making

The Higher Ed landscape is changing rapidly, thanks to global trends that are increasingly turning towards eLearning and solutions that can increase student engagement. The global Higher education market size is projected to reach US $2367 billion by 2027, and the volume of data is supposed to grow by 800% in the next 5 years.Continue reading →

Coupang Uses Prophecy to help with Forecasting Orders and Customer Trends

Executive Summary Coupang wanted to implement an easy-to-use automated solution for time series forecasting. Producing accurate forecasts required the implementation of the latest forecasting methods and a complete data ingestion service. Prophecy was the perfect match for Coupang’s forecasting needs. Coupang needed Prophecy to be easily deployable within their AWS environment. Utilizing AWS services suchContinue reading →

People Tech Group Helps Build Prophecy, an Easy-to-Use Time Series Forecasting Solution for Elliptica

Executive Summary Elliptica wanted to develop a modern forecasting solution to improve its accuracy when predicting time-series data. A solution was necessary, as Elliptica had many client opportunities involving time series forecasting. Elliptica would need a data science team to create algorithms within the customer’s AWS environment that utilizes AWS services such as EMR andContinue reading →

Transforming the Automotive World with Intelligent Solutions

People Tech Group’s extensive Automotive capabilities help develop next-generation Automotive solutions to revolutionize personalized in-vehicle experience. People Tech Group is specialized in offering intelligent, responsive, and high-performance Automotive solutions to enterprises to help them transform the way personalize mobility is perceived. Our Automotive portfolio extends across a range of capabilities, from Automotive Electronics to entireContinue reading →

Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop: Technology Empowering Businesses Amid the Coronavirus Chaos

People Tech Group has helped City of Atlanta by implementing Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop to allow its remote employees access their business applications virtually on the cloud.

People Tech Group Helps Fractionable Migrate Workloads to AWS

Fractionable wanted to develop a set of services that support large project teams as well as small businesses and startups. These services span from IT infrastructure to back office functions like recruiting and finance. One of the first customers was a large project team that develops in-car/vehicle infotainment system (ICE or IVI) for General Motors.