Robotic Process Automation Offerings

It is all about the people. Whether it is our customers, their employees, or our employees, we are here to elevate the self-actualization of the people. We want people to feel that all their talents are being utilized, thus improving their job satisfaction, by making sure they are empowered and enabled to do what theyContinue reading →

People Tech AI Enablement Services

A one-stop destination for Human Intelligence People Tech Group understands how data plays the most vital role to learn & improve decision-making process. That is why we establish expert data annotation & niche data labelling services for machines by humans. In addition, we provide customer-centric services that assist business leaders in achieving new levels ofContinue reading →

Increase Student Retention Like Never Before

Because of the pandemic and various associated restrictions, Student Retention has become challenging for universities. People Tech Group leverages the power of analytics to increase student retention rates and stop students from dropping out. Our analytics platform brings value to universities and colleges across the globe with meaningful partnerships and provide unbiased and science-based analyticsContinue reading →

Modern Solutions to Improve Analytics in Higher Education for Data-Driven Decision-Making

The Higher Ed landscape is changing rapidly, thanks to global trends that are increasingly turning towards eLearning and solutions that can increase student engagement. The global Higher education market size is projected to reach US $2367 billion by 2027, and the volume of data is supposed to grow by 800% in the next 5 years.Continue reading →

Migrate Your PeopleSoft On-Premise Applications to Cloud and Transform Your Business Processes

PeopleSoft applications are central to many organizations’ business operations and processes. Traditionally, PeopleSoft applications have been on-premises, requiring organizations to spend significantly in terms of capital, resources, and infrastructure. Moving them to cloud enables organizations to leverage cloud for their business’ accelerated growth, limitless scalability, and, yes, advanced security. That’s where People Tech Group isContinue reading →

Prophecy – Meet your forecasting needs with the power of Machine Learning

A comprehensive, automated solution of its own kind to help derive near-accurate predictions for your business growth. Organizations rely heavily on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to unlock rich insights their data estates can produce. People Tech’s Prophecy, a complexity-free managed forecasting solution, is built to cater to all domains with built-in machine learning modelsContinue reading →

Transforming the Automotive World with Intelligent Solutions

People Tech Group’s extensive Automotive capabilities help develop next-generation Automotive solutions to revolutionize personalized in-vehicle experience. People Tech Group is specialized in offering intelligent, responsive, and high-performance Automotive solutions to enterprises to help them transform the way personalize mobility is perceived. Our Automotive portfolio extends across a range of capabilities, from Automotive Electronics to entireContinue reading →

Human Capital Management – Workday, PeopleSoft and KRONOS

Unlock your enterprise’s growth with the future-ready Human Capital management solution – Workday. We help organizations leverage the transformative power of Workday to drive key business outcomes.

Cloud Services

Gone are the days of private data centers running off-the-shelf software and giant monolithic code bases that you update once a year. Everything has changed. Whether it is modernizing legacy applications and moving them to the cloud or building new apps and data structures, the desired results are always the same ‐ speed. The faster you can move the more success you will have as a company.

Data Intelligence

In today’s data-driven business environment, effective use of data is key to business success. We believe in transforming complex business problems by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our solutions approach is to use AI, Data Analytics and Machine Learning to initiate innovative solutions that drive business growth.

Enterprise Software

With the advent of Enterprise Applications, businesses across the world have seen a sea change in the perception of the term Optimization. Leveraging the multitude of features offered by the these suites of applications, businesses can derive greater ROI and performance from the same resources of time, people and materials.

Digital Transformation

We provide strategic Digital Transformation services that assist business leaders achieve new levels of competitive advantage. We help you deliver results including digital strategy roadmaps, solution envisioning and design, operations modernization, and customer experience overhauls.

Enhancing your web presence plays a critical role in improving user experience and increase customer satisfaction. Complying with Web Accessibility rules helps you make your content accessible for all, especially differently-abled populations. Furthermore, adhering to Accessibility guidelines also helps improve SEO and improve page rankings on search engines. People Tech Group enables you to assessContinue reading →