During Dreamforce in December 2020, Salesforce introduced the world to Hyperforce, an innovative architectural enhancement that aims to revolutionize the Salesforce platform. After much anticipation, Hyperforce is now widely available, offering a range of benefits and opportunities for businesses globally. But what exactly is Salesforce Hyperforce, and what can it do?
Understanding Salesforce Hyperforce
Essentially, Salesforce Hyperforce is the next stage of cloud architecture for the Salesforce platform. It is specifically designed for the public cloud, providing exceptional scalability and global reach. This advanced platform offers improved control over data residency, enhanced security, and increased privacy measures. Its many advantages include more efficient development and testing environments, making it ideal for rapidly growing global enterprises.
Let us take a closer look at what Hyperforce has to offer:
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The Advantages of Salesforce Hyperforce
1. Scalability: Hyperforce is designed to easily accommodate the growth of businesses, ensuring they can adapt to changing demands with ease.
2. Security: Based on the Zero Trust architecture, Hyperforce prioritizes strict control and thorough encryption of customer data, providing reassurance in a time of rising cyber threats.
3. Data Residency: With the ability to control and comply with data residency and regulatory requirements, Hyperforce empowers organizations to operate globally.
4. Privacy: Upholding Salesforce’s core value of trust, Hyperforce gives users robust control and transparency over their data, building confidence and trust.
5. Agility: By minimizing disruptions and downtime, Hyperforce enables smooth releases, maintenance, and development cycles, allowing businesses to stay agile and responsive in a dynamic market.
Migrating to Hyperforce: What You Need to Know
While the benefits of Hyperforce are convincing, it is important to understand the migration process. Salesforce has made it clear that migrating to Hyperforce is not optional; it is the future of the platform. However, the transition will take place gradually over time as part of the modernization efforts of Salesforce.
Organizations will be notified when their instance is eligible for migration, requiring proactive preparation. For those concerned about the timeline for migration, Salesforce recommends reaching out to their account representatives for assistance. It is also crucial to follow technical best practices, such as updating hardcoded references, IP address ranges, and remote site names to ensure seamless integration with Hyperforce.
Current Limitations and Known Issues
Despite its potential, Hyperforce does have its limitations and challenges. Currently, data residency support is only available in certain countries, limiting its global impact. Additionally, there are some known issues, such as disruptions in Einstein loading and problems with certain managed packages, highlighting the importance of thorough testing and troubleshooting during migration. To know more about the current limitations, known issues, and for more FAQs about Salesforce Hyperforce, refer to the link below: Introducing Hyperforce – General Information & FAQ (salesforce.com)
Looking Ahead
Salesforce Hyperforce stands as a symbol of innovation, ready to redefine the possibilities of the Salesforce ecosystem. By embracing its transformative capabilities and carefully navigating the migration process, organizations can unlock a new era of agility, security, and scalability in their digital endeavors.
People Tech’s Expertise in Salesforce Hyperforce Integration
People Tech Group has extensive knowledge and experience to play a crucial role in assisting clients in maximizing the value they receive from their investments in Salesforce. We provide a wide range of services, utilizing our expertise in Salesforce products and the surrounding ecosystem to cater to the specific needs of our clients.
Our team can provide support in several ways such as Customization and Configuration, where we customize Salesforce solutions to fit the specific business processes, workflows, and needs of each company. We also assist with Implementation and Deployment, helping with the planning, setup, and implementation of various Salesforce solutions, including CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, marketing automation, and customer service platforms.
Additionally, we ensure a secure and seamless transfer of data from previous systems to Salesforce through our Data Migration and Integration services, ensuring data integrity and minimal disruption to business operations. We also offer Custom Development, Training, and Support, providing advice on performance optimization, compliance, security, and managed services to drive innovation and scalability. With the expertise of our team, client organizations can maximize their Salesforce investment, improve efficiency, and effectively serve their customers.

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