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Building on the basics from Parts 1 and Part 2, Part 3 is about fortifying against deepfake threats. Enter People Tech’s stage in defending against the deepfake maze.

People Tech offers several guidelines that can be employed by businesses to decrease the potential for deepfakes:

1. Notify Personnel: Educate personnel and their relations about the nature of deepfaking and its consequences.

2. Detect Deepfakes: Instruct yourself and others on how to spot a deepfake.

3. Stay Informed: Ensure that you are familiar with reliable news outlets.

4. Be Cautious: Have sound protocols in place “trust but verify”

5. Strong Security: Companies should develop content verification protocols and invest in advanced AI-driven deepfake detection software and tools.

6. Open Discussion: Promote open communication. Talking to and consulting with colleagues and others about anything that looks suspicious can help prevent dishonest conduct

7. Determine Legitimacy: Learn how to assess legitimacy. For instance, terminating a dubious call and phoning back the number to assess the person’s legitimacy

8. AI and Machine Learning: Deepfake attackers are becoming more advanced with technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). These technologies can also be used to generate realistic images and videos

To proactively address deepfake threats, enterprises should:


Emerging technologies or strategies to counter future deepfake challenges

Get the lowdown on incident response crafted for deepfake threats.

1. Timely Action: Swift response is crucial for limiting deepfake damage.

2. Legal Recourse: Ready for legal action against deepfake perpetrators. Consult cybercrime legal experts.

3. Collaboration Among Providers: Improve collaboration among response providers.

4. Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosures: Establish coordinated vulnerability disclosures.

5. Improved Threat Information Exchanges: Enhance threat information exchanges.

6. Planning and Rehearsing Responses: Plan and rehearse responses to deepfake exploitation attempts.

7. Personnel Training: Train staff to recognize and respond to deepfake threats.

In a nutshell. As enterprises grapple with the increasingly prevalent challenges posed by deepfakes, safeguarding against these digital threats becomes crucial. People Tech Group has your back in the face of deepfake challenges, which is vital for businesses to protect their digital integrity. Our simple Employee Training makes your team deepfake-savvy, and our Security Protocols, powered by smart AI, stay ahead of the game. Plus, with our Trusty Incident Response Plan, you’re all set to handle any deepfake curveballs. Join us at Cyber Security People Tech Group, where digital safety meets simplicity.

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