Exciting Features of
Workday® 2023R1

Exciting Features of Workday® 2023R1

Stay Ahead in HR and Finance Management 

Twice annually, in September and March, Workday – the integrated, cloud-based system for human resource and payroll operations at UW – introduces significant feature upgrades to boost functionality and enrich the user experience. This blog provides insights into the modifications, procedures, and fresh enhancements implemented in these upgrades.

The weekend of March 11-12, 2023, marked the release of Workday’s spring update, known as Workday 2023R1. Similar to previous releases, this update focuses on significant back-end enhancements. These updates play a vital role in improving and simplifying processes within your business environment. As a Workday implementation partner, People Tech has assembled a proficient team of certified and experienced consultants specializing in this HR solution.

Workday 2023R1 New Feature Highlights on Various Sections:

  • Enhanced Leave Type Fields - Introducing the Child Disability Indicator for reporting and calculations.
  • Rounding on Automated Accrual Adjustments - Streamlining accrual calculations with rounding options.
  • FEGLI Tasks & Reports - Simplifying management and mapping of Federal Employee Group Life Insurance plans.
  • Expanded Dependent Coverage Options - Enabling enrollment for dependent life insurance under FEGLI.
  • Age Adjustment Policy Enhancement - Offering increased flexibility in coverage based on age.
  • Benefits and Pay Hub Integration - Including comprehensive benefit plan details within the benefits hub.
  • ACA Software Partner State & IRS Reporting - Enhancing efficiency in working with ACA software partners.
  • New Journey Templates - Introducing three new templates to facilitate user journeys.
  • Improved Guided Journeys Experience - Enhancing the layout and user interface for a better user experience.
  • Launch Change Job from Worker Profile - Enabling intuitive job change initiation from worker profiles.
  • Aggregate Federal Standard Withholding Wages - Supporting federal withholding aggregation across multiple pay results.
  • Model My Pay Admin Support - Delivering administrative assistance for the Model My Pay self-service feature.
Time tracking
  • Time Accumulator Updates - Enhancing the configuration of time display in consolidated totals.
  • Edit and Approve Time - Providing a consolidated report for managers and streamlined time tracking.
  • Add Documents to Offer/Employment Agreements - Attaching ad-hoc documents to the offer process.
  • Internal Mobility Improvements - Enhancing the internal application process for existing employees.
  • Eligible Earnings Override for Stock - Planning stock awards based on custom Eligible Earnings Override values.
  • Compensation Review Statement Generation & Delivery - Offering more control and flexibility in releasing compensation statements.
  • Multi-Instance Fields on Discovery Boards - Enabling expanded business insights through multi-instance fields.
  • Multiple Hierarchy Support in OfficeConnect for Financial Management - Supporting alternate top-level hierarchies in OfficeConnect.
  • Adequate Date Support in OfficeConnect for Financial Management - Enhancing historical data reporting with configurable effective dates.
Talent and Performance
  • Career Hub for Mobile - Extending accessibility to Career Hub on Android and iOS devices.
  • Skills on Job Profile Workbook - Simplifying the process of adding skills to job profiles.
  • Skill Level User Interface Modal - Improving visibility and interaction with skill levels and sources.
Security and cross-app
  • Send Emails from Multiple Addresses - Enhancing email customization options in Workday.
  • Help Article Discovery Board - Visualizing performance metrics for the Knowledge Library.
  • Object Transporter 2.0 - Introducing an updated version of the object transporter tool for faster migration.
  • Payee Phone Number for Payment Integrations - Supporting the output of payee phone numbers in payment integration templates.
  • External Payroll Documents Deletion - Introducing a new task for mass deleting external payroll documents.
  • Business Process for Ad Hoc Project Transactions - Adding validation rules and approvers for ad hoc project transactions.
  • Cancel Reasons for Supplier Invoices - Enable reasons for cancelling supplier invoices.
  • Create & Edit Purchase Item Business Process - Implementing validation rules and approvers for purchase items.
  • Create Supplier Contract from Requisitions - Directly sourcing requisitions into supplier contracts for improved traceability.

Benefits of New Features in HCM and FIN Trends

  • Improved user experience
  • Streamlined talent management processes
  • Enhanced recruitment and selection functionality
  • Efficient compensation management
  • Effective absence management
  • Comprehensive learning and development tools
  • Time optimization in invoice recording
  • Improved purchasing processes
  • Streamlined customer invoicing management
  • Enhanced accuracy and efficiency in financial operations

Don’t miss out on the opportunities presented by Workday 2023R1. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation with our Workday experts. You can contact Adrian Wilson, our dedicated point of contact, at adrian.wilson@peopletech.com – Adrian will be delighted to assist you and address any questions or concerns you may have.

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