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The term “threat landscape” refers to the complete scope of potential and already identified cyber threats that can impact a specific sector, a group of users, or a defined time period. Within this landscape, various elements are encompassed, such as vulnerabilities, malware, and distinct groups of attackers with their corresponding techniques, all of which pose significant risks to a particular sector, enterprise, or organization.

The threat landscape is subject to dynamic changes over time, as well as being influenced by events of significant impact on the organization, group of people, or sector for which it is defined.

For example, the widespread transition to remote work in 2020 led to the emergence of attacks targeting remote-access tools, which found their way into the threat landscapes of numerous companies.

Why is understanding the current threat landscape essential?

Comprehending the present threat landscape holds significant importance due to several reasons. By conducting a threat landscape analysis, it becomes feasible to identify potential information security challenges that a specific entity, whether it’s a company, an individual, or an entire sector, might encounter. This awareness enables adopting a proactive approach to information security, allowing for implementing preventive measures to mitigate risks effectively.

The factors influencing the threat landscape in 2023 include:

1. Recommendation for Securing Travel Devices:

The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security has advised to use travel devices while working abroad. To ensure optimal Security, they recommend conducting a risk assessment for each travel scenario, considering country- and region-specific risks. This assessment will help determine whether a dedicated travel device is necessary for safe work operations during trips.

2. Google Extends Passwordless Secure Sign-Ins:

Building upon its initial introduction in October 2022 for the Chrome web browser and Android operating system, Google is now expanding passwordless secure sign-ins to encompass all Google accounts across various services and platforms. Users can now opt for passkeys’ convenience and enhanced Security to access their accounts without relying on traditional passwords.

3. Security Concerns Arise from Malware Distribution via Google Ads:

Using Google Ads as a distribution channel for malware has become a growing concern among security researchers. A newly discovered malware is propagated through malicious Google Ads, raising alarms about potential cyber threats and the need for robust protective measures.

4. Emergence of Backdoor-Creating Malware Targeting Exchange Servers:

Security researchers have recently identified a novel PowerShell-based malware that explicitly targets on-premises Microsoft Exchange servers. This malicious software aims to create backdoors, potentially granting unauthorized access to sensitive information and highlighting the urgency of safeguarding Exchange server environments. If you are looking for solutions to enhance Security in various scenarios, People Tech offers several options. For Secure Operations in High-Risk Jurisdictions, you can find information on protecting travelling employees. If you want Passwordless Authentication, learn about authentication without passwords. Secure Your Hybrid Workforce provides insights into securing remote and in-office teams effectively. Additionally, by aiming to develop a Security Awareness and Training Program that empowers end users, you can discover valuable information to enhance your security awareness efforts. Explore these offerings to bolster your organization’s cybersecurity measures comprehensively.

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