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Databricks vs. Snowflake

Choosing the Right Data Platform: Databricks vs. Snowflake—Unlocking Data-Driven Success for your Organization while balancing complexity and flexibility to shape your organization's future.

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Alert UKG Dimensions – Learn it’s Benefits and Migration Approach

The decision of WFC's retirement is part of UKG's long-term strategy to allow clients to migrate from WFC to the more advanced and function-rich solution, i.e., Workforce Dimensions. Why is WFC’s exit a critical consideration for businesses redefining workforce management? Let us explore the same in this blog.

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Briefing on the Threat Landscape for June 2023

In our June 2023 Threat Landscape Briefing, we navigate the dynamic realm of cyber threats. Understanding this evolving landscape is essential for proactive information security measures, enabling organizations and individuals to identify and mitigate potential risks effectively.

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Ransomware in Manufacturing and Production: 2023 Overview

The vitality of a flourishing economy hinges on the significant contribution of the manufacturing industry. People depend on manufactured products in various aspects of their lives, whether it's during work, meals, or travel – these products are all around us. Notably, the manufacturing sector often leads the way in terms of innovation

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Streamline your HCM and EX with People Tech AI

The emergence of data-driven ecosystems has revolutionized enterprise transformation, making digital operating models the foundation of this paradigm shift. As a result, enterprises are compelled to reassess their data and analytics strategy, giving rise to a symbiotic data economy.

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New Features in Workday 2023 R1

Explore the exciting new features introduced in Workday® 2023R1, focusing on how these updates empower HR and finance management. Delve into the latest tools, enhancements, and innovations that enable organizations to stay ahead in streamlining processes, optimizing workforce management, and driving better decision-making through Workday's cutting-edge functionalities

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