Benefits of Modernizing .NET Workloads on AWS

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Ever since businesses face the shrinking of the Oracle database in 2013, there’s a massive uplift in modernizing business workloads. Thanks to the unprecedented benefits that the cloud offers when it comes to agility, scale advantages, and agility, most businesses are looking forward to the cloud when it comes to modernizing.

With AWS, businesses also get higher performance, rapid innovation, and more excellent reliability. According to IDC, companies that move their Windows workloads to AWS record a 56% reduction in the operations cost over five years and over 442% more return on investment during the same period.

In this piece, let’s shed some light on some of the significant benefits of modernizing your .NET workloads on AWS.

Why Should You Leverage AWS for .NET Modernizing

Lower Cost and Better Performance

Leveraging AWS helps businesses grow their windows-based applications globally, reduce time-to-market, and reduce cost for digital media supply chain services using Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) management.

Many companies have recorded a significant reduction in their video processing costs and idle hardware but recorded customer satisfaction with high service scaling up with increased performance and availability.

Improved Flexibility

With Amazon Aurora, businesses that are moving away from SQL receive better flexibility. Companies can solve complex business problems with Amazon Aurora. It helps them appropriately accommodating the growing volume of new customers.

Serverless compute for .NET 5 applications

Amazon Lambda helps tremendously to compute without provisioning or managing servers. It allows your company to code without any administration overhead and uploads in any format. Amazon Lambda automatically runs the code depending on the incoming requests. The best thing is, you only pay for the time consumed for computing.

Getting Started with .NET Modernization on AWS

To help our customers learn more about AWS’s help in .NET modernization, we at People Tech Group are running a webinar with AWS experts on June 8 at noon CST.

The webinar will dive deeper into:

  • Why modernize with AWS
  • .NET modernization journey
  • Demo of modernization tools and services
  • Demo of .NET app containerization
  • .NET modernization success stories

Learn more about our webinar by heading here and register now to understand the lasting benefits of modernizing the .NET app with AWS.

As a proud Amazon Service Delivery partner, People Tech Group is committed to helping businesses get the most out of their AWS cloud and help them take their business to the next level.

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