People Tech Helps Move your Cloud Workloads to AWS

To help reduce your IT spends, automate your DevOps and transform your data processes

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Businesses need their cloud environments to be agile, scalable, manageable and cost-effective during the COVID-19 times of limited support and monitoring.

Amazon Web Services (AWS ) offers just that: faster, scalable applications and workloads with advanced security features.

What does AWS offer businesses?
Faster, scalable workloads
Faster, scalable workloads
Reduced cloud spends
Reduced cloud spends
End-to-end DevOps automation
End-to-end DevOps automation
Why Migrate to AWS Only with People Tech?

Extensive expertise in implementing AWS solutions for enterprise clients

Vast talent pool of AWS and ML experts to help with your migration requirements

Leverage a blend of our cloud security + engineering + infrastructure migration capabilities

Comprehensive AWS Managed Services with 24/7 support and ITIL Management

Proven innovations on Big Data, AI/ML and BI


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