Accelerating Time-to-Market and Enhancing Performance of Serverless Applications with AWS CodePipeline and DevOps Monitoring Dashboard

Date: Thursday, June 22nd, 2023, 12:00 PM PST

Location : Seattle (Washington)

Are you looking for ways to streamline your serverless development process? Do you want to improve your team’s efficiency and deliver high-quality applications faster?

Join us for a hands-on workshop on accelerating your serverless development with AWS CodePipeline and real-time monitoring on DevOps Dashboard.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to leverage AWS services to optimize your development process, increase your application’s scalability and reliability, and deliver faster time-to-market

Benefits of Leveraging AWS CodePipeline with DevOps Dashboard:

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Accelerate Development

Streamline development cycles and reduce time-to-market with serverless architecture and AWS CodePipeline.

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Enhance Quality and Reliability

Improve the quality of serverless applications with automated testing and deployment ensuring greater reliability and stability for end-users.

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Increase Scalability

Leverage built-in scalability and elasticity of the serverless architecture that allows applications to automatically adjust to the changes in demand, ensuring high availability

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Improve performance

Gain real-time visibility into application and the pipeline performance with AWS DevOps Monitoring Dashboard resulting in improved uptime and user experience

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Save Costs

Reduce infrastructure overhead and increase RoI with serverless architecture and AWS CodePipeline

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Enhance Collaboration

Foster collaboration and improve efficiency with the centralized DevOps dashboard

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Resolve Issues Faster

Automate metrics collection and analysis with AWS DevOps Monitoring Dashboard, allowing teams to focus more on strategic activities.

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Improve Decision-making

Make informed decisions about the pipeline and development process with real-time metrics and KPIs

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Workshop Agenda:

Benefits of Participating in this Workshop:

Benefits of Participating in this Workshop:

Who is this Workshop For

This workshop is intended for



Shashi Koteshwara

Managing Partner


Venkat Narayanan

Principal Architect - Data and Analytics


Sashi Kumar Appikonda

Solution Architect

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