Shashi Koteshwara

Managing Partner and Head of Customer Solutions Worked with Fortune 500 companies including DuPont, Alcoa, Microsoft, CISCO, and GE in providing end-to-end IT solutions
Modernizing Your Data Platforms Using Azure Synapse

Modernizing Your Data Platforms Using Azure Synapse: Challenges and How to Overcome Them

In today’s competitive world, extracting intelligent insights from your data to make informed decisions is critical. While legacy solutions lack this profound capability, it’s also challenging to manage them, considering the expensive cost and security vulnerabilities. One must also take into consideration the problems in data modernization and functioning with data silos that prove fatalContinue reading →

Do You Know How Accessibility Makes a Difference in Your Website’s Appearance?

Accessibility is an essential element for developers and organizations that desire to construct high-quality websites and web tools and not exclude people from explaining their products and services. According to The World Bank, 1 billion populations (15% of the world’s population) experience some form of disability, with approximately 57 million in the US alone. Therefore,Continue reading →