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People Tech is a leader in Enterprise Solutions, Digital Transformation, Data Intelligence and Modern Operations.

Innovative Solutions

Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Financials Oracle HCM Cloud Oracle ERP Cloud Oracle Sales Cloud Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Innovative Solutions

Managed Modern Workplace (WaaS) Driving the digital transformation through our turnkey Windows as a Service (WaaS) platform, we create virtual and modernized work testing environments to includes software and services allowing our customers to reduce operational costs. Systems Management Systems Management Services helps clients manage the vast array of Microsoft System Center and Hybrid CloudContinue reading →

Innovative Solutions

Cloud Applications Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Internet-of-Things Reality Augmentation Data Warehouses / Big Data Business Intelligence

Oracle Managed Services

State of Art Development Centers Consulting Services Instance Consolidation Implementation, Upgrades, and Custom Development 10.x, 11.x, 12.x Application Managed Services 24×7 Oracle Suite Helpdesk Support and Maintenance Services Testing Services Package Evaluation Upgrade, Optimize and Run Global Delivery Model – Offshore/Onsite/Offsite

Microsoft Managed Services

100+ Microsoft certified Professionals Expert consultancy services Up-to-date Microsoft technology-based services Wide range of agile and efficient business solutions Superior cloud utilization to help you grow your business Our sophisticated delivery platform uses integrated tools, core technology, industry assets, and delivery governance. Dedicated team of product support experts located around the world for highly responsiveContinue reading →

AWS Managed Services

Unique combination of Cloud Security, Engineering & Infrastructure expertise Cloud-native applications with full DevOps automation Mass data and Infrastructure Migration 24/7 Support with 99.8 Availability IP driven differentiators & solutions on AWS ITIL Management – Incident, Problem, Change & Deployment management Microsoft Workload to AWS

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An Oracle Gold Partner, we are a global business builder company with over 800 professionals and industry specialists working for various enterprise clients across the globe.

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A pioneer partner with Microsoft for more than two decades, we are driven with a goal to transform enterprises into smart businesses with Microsoft technology.

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At People Tech, our goal is to ensure that your company’s goals are successful on AWS. From the beginning, we will help you navigate the complete suite of AWS services and guide your cloud strategy. As an Advanced Consulting Partner, we have proven success within DevOps projects, cloud application development, and infrastructure migrations.

Services We Offer

As a Gold Partner, we assist our clients in development, implementation of solutions and providing services utilizing Oracle’s entire portfolio. We ensure enterprises experience the benefits of Oracle’s partner ecosystem and take advantage of a dedicated partner expertise. Leveraging through our partnership we have performed 80+ successful implementations. We enable our clients to explore differentContinue reading →

Services We Offer

Leveraging our expertise  in Microsoft technologies and experience delivering innovative IoT, AI, data analytics and cloud-based solutions, we empower enterprises to transform their business with advanced data driven analytics. Modernization workplace  enabling to deliver a rich user experience, increase employee productivity, reduce cost and risk, accelerate time to value, and achieve greater agility. Awarded asContinue reading →

Services We Offer

World-class services to ensure our enterprise clients can effectively leverage AWS technologies, rapid innovation and competitive threats by developing more efficient, cost-effective services. Successfully providing cloud-enabled services for more than a decade in the Technology Industry, Financial Services, Travel, Healthcare, Retail, Automobile and others.


Numly is an AI-powered people engagement and coaching platform that focuses on improving employees’ all-around performance by developing their skills.The innovative platform helps the Know More…


Countable is a Global Service Provider utilizing the cloud environment to manage critical auditing services and an end-to-end platform with a centralized hub that allows one to manage the engagements, Know More…

Ransomware is spreading like a wildfire!

So, it is important that organizations, big and small, adopt measures to avoid falling prey to ransomware attacks.

Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is now GA: Ubikite launches DaaS Manager to monitor and manage WVD

Microsoft (MSFT) announced the GA (General Availability) of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), an important milestone in its shift for Windows onto Azure.

ERP – Aids Your Processes to Maximize Your Business

Any ERP is an integrated process management tool or a software program that enables an organization to streamline its business processes towards a unified outcome.

Immersive Analytics for Real Humans in Two Years

We aren’t far from a new chapter in collaboration in which immersive analytics and the power of the cloud will provide more rich business interaction.

People Tech Group recognized as a Select Consulting Partner by Amazon Web Services.

People Tech Group, a leader in IT consulting services, today announced that Amazon Web Services has recognized People Tech Group as a Select Consulting Partner within their Amazon Partner Network. People Tech Group enables companies to deliver fast, secure data across the enterprise, move applications to the cloud and exponentially increase software quality and security.Continue reading →


We embed excellence in everything that we do; all the while looking to make things better based on our natural inquisitiveness.

It’s Safe to Fail

We believe that our failures lead to our successes. We enshrine acceptance of failure — and willingness to admit failure early — in the practices and processes of the company.

Being Agile

We are always up-to-date with latest technologies and we believe in incorporating Agile methodologies in all our deliverables.


We expect and require innovation our teams and always find ways to simplify. We are externally aware, look for new ideas from everywhere.


We think long term and do not sacrifice long-term value for short-term gain. We prioritise company and team over individual efforts.


We believe in empowering our employees with the latest technologies and inspiring them to increase their productivity.


Curiosity is what propels us to keep learning new things, technologies and methods.

Being Nimble

We are always up on our feet and are always ready to take on new challenges and deliver best possible solutions to clients.


We believe in respecting everyone based on their own merit. Respect given bequeaths respect received.


We are an inclusive workplace. We do not discriminate under any circumstances.

Customer Focus

The customer is the reason we exist and the only guarantee of our future. That is why we always try to keep our customers happy.


We uphold ourselves to highest ethical standards which earns the trust of our clients and stakeholders.


People Tech has been great to work with. They always been professional and delivered their promises. We are impressed with their quick turnaround timelines and expertise. People Tech has helped us in saving time to meet the strict timelines. Stanford University | Sameer Marella, IT Director Galvez Street, Stanford, CA

Our Culture

Our Culture At People Tech, success is driven by the idea that our customers, employees and community are our family. We believe in supporting ideas and activities that drive passion with our employees and incorporate those interests into organized activities. This has created a positive workplace culture resulting in an increase in productivity and creativityContinue reading →


PeopleTech has added value to Weyerhaeuser by providing HR Application Support which comprises of PeopleSoft HRMS, Work Brain and Legacy HR applications. Additionally, we partnered with PeopleTech for our HCM 9.2 upgrade and used the PeopleTech’s Upgrade lab to get the competitive prices for our upgrade process. Weyerhaeuser | Prasad Lagisetti, Test Manager Washington, United States


People Tech team has done an excellent job in meeting the timelines for our PeopleTools upgrade from 8.49 to 8.53 & PeopleSoft HCM upgrade from 8.9 to 9.2. We are highly pleased with their performance and realized that they have worked round the clock to make this happen for us. Amazon | Dave Warner, IT Director NorthContinue reading →


We are committed to providing our employees with a positive and diverse work environment that encourages continued learning and personal growth. This allows our employees to unlock their creativity and be inspired to provide first class solutions to our customers. Our customer focus is to understand high-value solutions and help scale their business while keepingContinue reading →


Enterprise Clients


Consultant working for fortune 1000 clients


Technology centric consulting projects per fiscal year


Employees Across the Globe

About Us

PeopleTech provides the
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Horton Works

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Service Now

Service Now


Upgrade your operations with dedicated maintenance and support teams.


We eat tricky cloud migrations for breakfast. There is no enterprise software project or application development job too complex for our team.


Our designers use the latest tools and techniques to unravel complexity, crafting solutions that deliver results and are delightful to use.


First, we sit down with you to assess your current digital capabilities, and form a plan to educate your team and transform your business.


An Oracle Gold partner since 2008, People Tech provides our customers deep database and ERP support on Oracle platform solutions. We help our customer’s leverage Oracle technology to improve business performance and deliver mission critical solutions.

Thomson Reuters

We partnered with Thomson Reuters to help its customers using Salesforce by offering sales and commerce cloud connectors to streamline the taxation process.


People Tech and UiPath have launched a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services capability for organizations looking to increase efficiency through enterprise automation software.

AWS- Advanced Consulting Partner


Our Amazon experience runs deep. We help our customers get the most out of their Amazon subscription by enabling them build solutions that leverage Amazon platform services allowing them to scale and secure their systems.


People Tech has been a Microsoft partner since 2002 and was named an MSP in 2008. We work with Microsoft internal teams on campus in Redmond and bring that knowledge with us to the field helping companies effectively apply the latest Microsoft technologies.

Stanford University

Stanford needed a design and development partner that could assist them in creating new solutions that service their students and employees. Existing systems were perceived as hard to use, with information difficult to find. The goal was to make these systems more accessible both on the web and via mobile and tablet devices to serve this highly mobile audience.

Wolters Kluwer

The goals of the project were to move the application to a more supportable platform, improve application performance by moving to a Cloud hosted infrastructure, and reduce complexity around supporting multiple versions of software. We started by conducting an analysis to understand the application architecture and create a plan to migrate the application to a scalable modern public cloud platform.


Weyerhaeuser is one of the world’s largest private owners of timberlands. It owns or controls more than 6 million acres of timberlands, primarily in the U.S., and manages another 14 million acres under long-term licenses in Canada. The company also manufactures wood and cellulose fiber products. Weyerhaeuser is a real estate investment trust.


Insitu wanted to develop, test, implement and document a “Change Analysis Planning Process” (CAPP) database and application that will compile and manage “Proposed System Design Changes” for the purpose of collecting proposal attributes, performing functions (sorting, filtering, etc.), conducting what-if scenarios to establish priorities and establishing overall ranking to enable decision making (budget distribution, project planning, team priority).

Cci / Yomingo

Customized Communication’s health care division wanted to be able to deliver their award winning content to patients and instructors on mobile and tablet platforms, providing patients a differentiated, personalized patient information delivery capability.


We partner with some of the best in the business, Microsoft, Oracle, Amazon, Gartner and Cisco to deliver superior solutions to our customers.


Strength in numbers with nearly two thousand employees worldwide with the skills
needed to help our
customers succeed.


Over the year’s we’ve won over a dozen awards such as Service Provider of the Year, Microsoft Partner Awards, Design awards, Best of Government award and one we are most proud of Best Company to Work For.


We’ve worked with over a thousand clients world-wide.

Cloud Services

Gone are the days of private data centers running off-the-shelf software and giant monolithic code bases that you update once a year. Everything has changed. Whether it is modernizing legacy applications and moving them to the cloud or building new apps and data structures, the desired results are always the same ‐ speed. The faster you can move the more success you will have as a company.

Data Intelligence

In today’s data-driven business environment, effective use of data is key to business success. We believe in transforming complex business problems by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our solutions approach is to use AI, Data Analytics and Machine Learning to initiate innovative solutions that drive business growth.

Enterprise Software

With the advent of Enterprise Applications, businesses across the world have seen a sea change in the perception of the term Optimization. Leveraging the multitude of features offered by the these suites of applications, businesses can derive greater ROI and performance from the same resources of time, people and materials.

Digital Transformation

We provide strategic Digital Transformation services that assist business leaders achieve new levels of competitive advantage. We help you deliver results including digital strategy roadmaps, solution envisioning and design, operations modernization, and customer experience overhauls.

Dynamic Learning Platform

Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner Organization had collected 5 years of partner utilization data via their Dynamics Learning Platform (DLP). This data held key insights that could be leveraged to help partners create better learning plans for partner resources and help surface the best courses individuals should take to advance their ability to successfully implement Microsoft’s Dynamic family of products.

Enhancing your web presence plays a critical role in improving user experience and increase customer satisfaction. Complying with Web Accessibility rules helps you make your content accessible for all, especially differently-abled populations. Furthermore, adhering to Accessibility guidelines also helps improve SEO and improve page rankings on search engines. People Tech Group enables you to assessContinue reading →

People Tech Group Helps Fractionable Migrate Workloads to AWS

Fractionable wanted to develop a set of services that support large project teams as well as small businesses and startups. These services span from IT infrastructure to back office functions like recruiting and finance. One of the first customers was a large project team that develops in-car/vehicle infotainment system (ICE or IVI) for General Motors.

In a new twist on venture labs: People Tech Group forms captive venture lab, spins off Ubikite

The first spin off simplifies complex IT tasks significantly improving productivity of IT teams REDMOND, WA, USA, July 12, 2019 Venture foundries provide fertile ground for disruptive ideas to take shape, usually supported by venture capital firms who recruit management teams with domain-specific knowledge to lead their foundry’s startups. But consulting firms that are establishedContinue reading →

Microsoft’s cloud-first focus impacts companies stuck with legacy workplace technology

Ubikite – a Redmond based startup from People Tech Group launches a suite of tools to help them manage this change REDMOND, WA, USA, July 9, 2019 Microsoft is now fully-focused on the cloud, sending a disruptive ripple through many companies still maintaining legacy workplace technology. The move also opens a new opportunity for solutionContinue reading →

People Tech Group reorganizes into three groups: Enterprise Consulting, New Ventures and IT Staffing.

Redmond, WA – July 8, 2019 Enterprise companies recognize that they must transform to remain competitive as cloud, AI, mobile, social and IoT technology innovations shift their markets. The knowledge that they must become more nimble is driving their search for expertise with deep technical expertise of these change factors, the proficiency to innovate theContinue reading →

Top 20 of Cloud Computing Companies in Puget Sound Region

Redmond, WA – May 31, 2019 – People Tech Group (A Redmond, WA based company) was listed in the Top 20 Cloud Companies in 2018 in the Puget Sound Business Journal. People Tech Group, a Global leader (Redmond, WA) in the Cloud Services, Enterprise Applications and IT Services marketplace, have been listed among the topContinue reading →


Join People Tech at CSUN 2019! It’s the event for everyone who are working on the advancement and use of accessible technology and learn how to make your digital applications accessible for disabled users? more info..

People Tech announces IT Internship

Successful IT Internship program marches on Bellevue, WA— January 9, 2019—People Tech (a Bellevue, WA based company) announces the successful completion of the November/December Internship class. Nine out of Ten Interns in that class have moved on to full-time jobs within the company. “We provide this Internship program to offer an entry point for job-seekersContinue reading →

People Tech acquires FyrSoft

People Tech Group continues growth through key acquisition. Continues expanding its market reach and services Redmond, WA, June 16, 2016: People Tech Group ( has acquired a controlling interest in FyrSoft, LLC ( – a Houston, TX based premier US Microsoft Managed Partner, delivering award winning cloud and datacenter services and solutions for modern business.Continue reading →

Design & Implementation of a Smart-Energy Management Application

WHYGRENE addresses Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) greatest problem: the power supply & demand imbalance . Our Transactive Distributed Energy Management System (TDERMS) is an application that optimizes energy management for utilities and DER Owners.

People Tech Group joins the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

People Tech now provides hosting services to our clients with enterprise applications and innovative custom solutions Using People Tech Group on Microsoft Azure, you can optimize revenue generation and customer experience with easy access to our custom build solutions. People Tech Group has announced that the enterprise applications are extended to the cloud, while utilizingContinue reading →

Top technology journal interviews CEO

The CIO Review Journal held an exclusive interview with CEO Vishwa Prasad, that has been published in the September 2014 issue. The talk focused on the strategy of People Tech Group, and that customers are indeed their top priority. Mr Vishwa Prasad emphasized on the ‘vicinity’ factor, and no wonder People Tech employees are seasonedContinue reading →

People Tech in Top 100 Oracle vendors list of CIO Review Journal

CIO Review, a reputed technology journal, has interviewed the honorable CEO Mr. Vishwa Prasad as it announced People Tech Group as featured vendor in its list of 100 Oracle Solution Providers 2014. The journal has covered many aspects of the firm as a technology and platform provider for their customers as a favorite Oracle vendor.Continue reading →

Product Migration to a Sustainable Platform

Wolters Kluwer wanted to migrate their flagship product, Ovid, to a more sustainable platform. The existing Ovid platform was based on decades-old technology, which was not sustainable for future maintenance and application enhancements.

Microsoft Rewards & Promotions

Microsoft has employee policies to promote and reward the work of employees. There are independent applications for rewards, promotions, special awards etc. Maintaining information in multiple applications is reducing the efficiency of the resources

Microsoft EPS Apps

People Tech has been engaged to make the website accessibility compliant as per MAS rules meet ADA and Section 508 compliance and to enable accessibility in the current UI and to complete UX/UI revamp ITAuthorize-EP, Self Serv and Tracking applications in EPS Group

A Leading eCommerce Company

People Tech Group is engaged with a worldwide eCommerce retail company since 2012 providing various services under human capital management. Our consultants worked along with their team(s) to build highly scalable solutions to manage their employee hire-to-termination business processes.

General Motors

GM wanted to improve the way they designed and built Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for In-Vehicle-Infotainment system.

The legacy process included the drafting of an over 1000 page specification that was sent to multiple suppliers for different world-wide markets. This process led to higher costs as well as usability and quality problems.


Countable is an end-to-end platform with a centralized hub that allows one to manage the engagements, documents, and the firm on the secure cloud environment.

This application aids in managing the Notice to Reader (NTR) which is one of the key audit services. About Countable Global Service Provider utilizing the cloud environment to manage


Annual conference in San Francisco Oracle Open World Conference in San Francisco connects professionals and technocrats from domain areas to experience and share the latest in terms of technology and underlying architecture. As a preferred partner of Oracle, People Tech looks forward annually to a very active presence both in the conference proceedings and inContinue reading →


Bellevue, WA, June 19, 2014 People Tech Group, Inc. (PTG), here by announces that 75% ownership of CodeSmart has been acquired by People Tech Group, Inc. a global business and technology solutions consulting company. “This was a key acquisition for People Tech Group as we continue to grow and expand. We truly want to continueContinue reading →


at Denver, CO on April 7- April 11, 2013 Key Topics: Performance and scalability, Manageability, High Availability, Storage, Data Warehousing, Engineered Systems, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing and more… more info..


at Indianapolis, IN on March 17 – March 20, 2013 This is the one annual event where you can network with 3000+ other working users, discuss the applications we use, our unique implementations, our successes and the pitfalls we’ve overcome. Every year Alliance gets bigger and better. more info..

HIMSS 2013

at New Orleand, LA on March 3 – March 7, 2013 Networking with more than 30,000 industry professionals, Conference education sessions, Exhibition hall featuring 1000+ healthcare IT companies. more info..