From tracking human interactions, to collecting car license plates, to watching human emotions — video involves the most valuable and vital data for companies today. As a video analytics service provider, we do our best to capture each object accurately in a video frame-by-frame. We can capture maximum insights from the moving multifaced medium efficiently & meet dynamic project requirements.

Video Data Collection

Our approach to collecting custom video data makes use of our experience with unique scenario setups and dynamic project management. Our top-notch human intelligence experts find the suitable video dataset, as per scenario, setup, project management needs.

mark Capable to collect significant and minor info starting from eye movement to humans in multiple variations to Geospatial information everything.

markScalable video collection services to develop self-learning models

markThe ability of the video datasets to work closely with image, audio, and textual insights

markThe highest quality video data that is explicitly tailored to meet your specific use case

Video Annotation/ Labelling

We endure moving objects, annotate them, and make them recognizable for machine learning. We have experienced resources and the technology that access some of the most advanced video annotation solutions to ideate-wise and brilliant models.

markCapable to collect significant and minor info starting from eye movement to humans in multiple variations to Geospatial information everything.

markSupport for holistic video annotation for training AI models to be more accurate

markAutomated annotation perspective for faster time-to-market

markIn-house data labeling teams and the ability to bring in a wide range of video annotation tools to suit every relevant use-case

markAccess to frame-by-frame video labeling with industry-specific coverage

markAbility to process insane volumes of data with higher accuracy

Video Data Moderation

Our world-class video moderators protect your brand by promptly integrating turnkey and custom video moderation services with rapid API response times and industry-leading outcomes. Take edge of our AI-based moderation solution that moderates uploaded videos and reject offensive content within minutes based on several configurations.

markOur Automated Intelligent Moderation API can detect, score, and remove unwanted video content within minutes

markAnyone can use our easy-to-implement video moderation technology using HTTP web services

markSuper-fast response times, unique rejection criteria, & ability to moderate in live streams

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