We provide speech data services in 60+ languages that enhance the value of any speech data by mapping key characteristics ranging from sentiment to intent to the subject. Our speech data capabilities can fulfill any audio requirement, from inside a car to a dinner party. We target to leverage the deep experience and custom toolsets by ensuring a more efficient data pipeline.

Speech Data Collection

As a speech data provider, we highlight all the possible ways in which your speech dataset can be customized, while also steering you towards the most effective and price-conscious collection option for your solution.

markOur data collection process is tailored from Medical AI to Autonomous vehicle.

markWe support worldwide image collection indoors and outdoors, digital or photographic.

markReady to cover complex scenarios like concerts, sports & more.

Speech Translation Transcription & Transliteration

Our linguists and other language specialists have relevant expertise in native languages that helps customize the process as per project requirements. We use custom tools and quality assurance controls to make their customization process more innovative on a global scale.

markCapable of doing manual speech-to-text service for 60+ languages

markTransliteration services are customized to meet your specific needs

markHuman-powered transcribing support for Indic, English, African and other Asian Languages

markOur translation service is available for all sort of languages

Speech Annotation/ Labelling

We apply an intel-rich annotation process that can transform raw conversations into superior quality data, ideal for training machine learning models. Our speech annotation types are beyond the limit, from Sound Labeling to Event Tracking to over 15+ types.

markAbility to annotate the verbal components of speech data and the non-verbal aspects as well

markBest human-guided categorization and labeling of raw audio data

markHelp client to understand what works for specific use cases to get the best ROI

Speech Data Moderation

Our speech data moderation services provide real-time data quality management in diverse enterprise settings. In addition, our moderators & linguistic experts imply intelligently automation to make more nuanced judgment calls and meet defined regulations.

markWe have multilingual media monitoring expertise and experience.

markIntelligent automation combines with human analysts to reduce errors while curating a bulk of speech data

markMore focus on client-defined guidelines and organizational standards.

Need help with data annotation services or model building services?

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