Map data is one of the proven processes for contextualizing broader enterprise datasets. With a foundation for geography-capable machine learning projects and live mapping applications, People Tech can be a one-stop solution to efficiently capture this expansive intelligence on an enterprise scale.

Map Data Collection

End-to-end mapping help enterprises develop geography-rich data infrastructure while fulfilling unique client-established parameters. Our experts turn static images of locations into multi-directional data that can be densely interwoven with broader data assets.

mark Our specialist thoroughly analyzes location-rich data ranging from interior maps to city transit guides

mark Capable for field measurement, scanning, and GPS work for original map generation

markML experts validate all information after capturing map data

mark Our experts are ready to help intake map data at any scale, at any level of complexity

Map Annotation & Labelling

Our annotation and labeling processes mine insight from raw maps, with elite quality & densely integrated data for providing a location-rich foundation for other enterprise applications. Our geography-savvy ML models analyze maps' subtlest characteristics to manage large-scale projects.

mark Conceptualization of map using instructional designers, engineers, technical writers and structure knowledge

mark Run Background research to verify geographic data, from web to phone, to in-the-field

markGoogle Maps API and developed a web prototype that disseminates spatial information of different locations

mark Highlight specific coordinates on the map and provide additional information

Map Data Moderation

Smart automation and pre-built robust data pipeline templates enable efficient handling of map -data even at a massive scale. We always ensure that user-submitted locations and directions do not run afoul of content policies.

mark Thorough analysis including proximity, feature labeling, & logical inference from listed features, and connections with broader data sets like location-tagged images

mark Real-time curation capabilities supporting live mapping applications for various use-cases

mark End-to end moderation on deep characteristics far beyond superficial categorization

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