People tech provides human-powered machine-assisted image processing solutions that can unlock diverse insights underlying visual data. Image annotation can curate 100+ data sets toward the highest possible quality and provides an invaluable source of training data for machine learning tools.

Image Data Collection

We are capable enough of collecting any end-to-end image data across the Globe. We ensure efficient delivery of enterprise-grade image data to support large-scale data-gathering efforts parallelly.

markOur train Computer Vision applications, AI setups, & self-driving entities, brings more perfection with state-of-art Image Data Collection Services

markOur data collection process is tailored from Medical AI to Autonomous vehicle.

markWe support worldwide image collection indoors and outdoors, digital or photographic.

markReady to cover complex scenarios like concerts, sports & more.

Image Annotation / Labelling

Our annotation process draws the maximum possible intelligence from raw imagery that results in high-quality data-capable training of ML models.

markOur image annotation features starting from bounding box to polygon, to sematic to 15+ types.

markWe make annotations easy and collaborative with automated features like metadata in the form of captioning or keywords to a digital image.

markCustomized image data labelling as per the use cases.

Image Data Moderation

We shift bulk archives & methodically select images around a specific theme. Our moderators & advanced technologies review thousands of uploaded photos & make rectifications to make those appropriate for an intended use.

markOur Automated Intelligent Moderation service protects us from the risks associated with user-generated images on your website, app, & other platforms.

markWe set real-time image quality management as per industry standard.

markMeet client defined guidelines and policies while curating images.

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