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Payment & Sales tax Integration & Compliance

To bring forth our service, Payment & Sales Tax Integration & Compliance, we follow a systematic approach that focuses on seamlessly integrating payment methods, ensuring compliance with sales tax regulations, and providing a reliable and compliant payment infrastructure.

Assessment and Configuration: We conduct an initial assessment to understand your business requirements, existing payment methods, and sales tax compliance needs.

Seamless Payment Integration: Our service simplifies payment integration by providing easy-to-use tools that allow you to launch payment methods with just a few clicks.

Sales Tax Compliance: We assist businesses in complying with sales tax regulations by configuring the Commerce Cloud & Automation platform to accurately calculate and collect sales tax based on applicable rules and jurisdictions.

Fraud Prevention and Security: By leveraging advanced algorithms and out-of-the-box prevention mechanisms, we help businesses reduce fraud losses, minimize false positives, and streamline the review process.

Reliable Payment Infrastructure: We prioritize reliability and uptime by ensuring that the payment infrastructure operates with 99.99% availability, even during peak times.

Our service offers effortless configuration of payment methods with just a few clicks, providing seamless integration with global payment methods right out of the box.
Our service allows businesses to manage multiple merchant accounts across different geographies and entities.
The flexibility our service enables efficient handling of payments in various regions, accommodating different currencies, tax regulations, and local payment preferences.
Our service helps reduce the operational burden associated with managing disputes, chargebacks, and fraud processes.

The key benefits of our Payment & Sales tax Integration & Compliance services include

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