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Do You Know How Accessibility Makes a Difference in Your Website’s Appearance?

Accessibility is an essential element for developers and organizations that desire to construct high-quality websites and web tools and not exclude people from explaining their products and services. According to The World Bank, 1 billion populations (15% of the world’s population) experience some form of disability, with approximately 57 million in the US alone. Therefore, web Accessibility is highly beneficial for individuals, businesses, and society, as it gives access to everyone to the same information, regardless of the impairment users may have.   

 Accessibility Market growth

Making your website more beautiful and appealing may seem impossible if you are not a designer. But an ambitious entrepreneur always desires to attract as many visitors as possible. Furthermore, millions of users out there depend on sites being accessible, and if you aren’t able to understand their needs, everyone will be missing out. Hence, you must know that making your web presence innovative and exceptional, even for a disabled person, is now a primary concern to maintain relevancy and remain at the top of your field.    

In the competitive world of business, marketing and branding can make or break a business; So, it’s high time to secure that online branding for all sorts of customers is as good as possible.     

Why It’s Essential to Have an Eye-pleasing Website Appearance?    

Beauty in the eye of the beholder‘ goes only so far.    

The first path of every business is profitably drawing new consumers to your website, and once they are there, keeping them responsive and engaged. A high-quality, accessible website or an impressive mobile web design can make this task easier and help you excel in your online atmosphere.     

An eye-catching website is one of the best tools a business can utilize as a marketing brand. It represents a polished and professional-looking site that is more likely to generate more leads and inquiries further down the line.    

We redesign our client’s website not just to showcase our incredible design efficiency, web expertise, and digital superiority but to improve the website’s look and feel for end-users who have any disability. Hence, we always want to deliver the correct information to the audience by-    

  • Showcasing our work, services, and products in the best way possible    
  • Improving the user journey    
  • Creating more inquiries in the process    

People Tech Accessibility benefits

Accessible design and streamlined navigation are other preeminent factors of web design. People Tech Group’s accessibility solution–   

  • Apply a splash of color to bring our brand to life.  
  • Follow a streamlined structure and division of the menu to bring clarity, simplicity, and improve usability.    

A technical website is always full of technical jargon and industry terms that make perfect sense to a tech guy but may create confusion for a person new to digital marketing, SEO, and web design. So, we put simplified content and make our services clear to users with that in mind.    

How Web Accessibility Helps Overcome Website Challenges?   

Accessibility isn’t ugly   

Accessibility involves designers heeding several stringent guidelines that may impact a website or application’s overall look and feel. However, with the latest technology creating a trendy, collective, engaging, and accessible website is possible now; consequently, web accessibility should no longer be seen as a burden.  

Save cost for the long run  

Thinking of accessibility from the beginning of a digital project will also help curb later costs, including maintenance and customer support. An accessible website will also facilitate gaining better rankings from an SEO viewpoint. Search engines such as Google operate like a blind person working on a screen reader. When browsing your pages, robots only recognize text, so it’s essential to organize your content construction and headings and prepare an alternative text for images.   

Web Accessibility solution

Save from legal sue   

Laws make inaccessible websites illegal to discriminate against people with disabilities when providing a service or product in many countries. So, as per the law, if a user with a disability can’t access the content because a website isn’t accessible, they could legally sue for digital prejudice. Hence accessibility can save you from this trouble.   

A holistic approach to branding   

People with significant impairments might be a small part of their audience, but what about senior users?   

Many users who wouldn’t be considered “traditionally” disabled may suffer from a non-accessible website.   

On the other hand, making technology accessible helps everyone in real life. For example, consider captions for TV in a noisy bar or wheelchair ramps for strollers. 

Tools And Technologies to Enhance Your Website Appearance    

The processes comprised in designing a website are becoming accessible over the years, with the development of better software and tools to facilitate the designer. Technological advancement has played a crucial role, with many enterprises now seeking ways to serve their customers with software solutions.     

With the tools given, you have the proper foundation to communicate your ideas, making your work easier. Therefore, in the following few paragraphs, we will talk about some tools to enhance your website’s appearance.    

WordPress is the most recognized web design tool, including a thousand in-built themes and plugins that give users various options to choose from and install, edit, and optimize the websites to suit their tastes and needs.    

In.Vision Studio is another UI tool with incomparable components and functions, with many web designers already recommending it as an exclusive package and the best tool for designing a website.    

If you are addicted to creativity, then Photoshop is another vital tool for you and is undeniably the most important of the adobe suite for web designers.    

Interfaces and prototypes in hi-fidelity are still essential for online stores and businesses that make Sketch a vital tool.    

Adobe Dreamweaver is an impressive design tool that allows you to directly code the design you prefer for the website without having an extensive acquaintance with programming.    

This is not the end. Some tools and resources support accessible web design and development. 

Accessibility tools

Browsers’ Built-in Accessibility Tools    

Modern versions of major browsers have their accessibility tools built into their developer tools. Here is the name of some preferred browser tools-    

  • Lighthouse in Chrome DevTools    
  • Firefox Accessibility Inspector    
  • Microsoft Edge DevTools Accessibility Reference    

Code Validators    

Having valid code is the first step toward web accessibility and cross-browser compatibility. Developers should use the following tools regularly for checking the validity of their code.    

  • HTML Validator    
  • CSS Validator    
  • HTML Tidy and more   

Automation Can Speed Up Your Digital Accessibility Journey  

Most organizations would prefer a wholly automated digital accessibility for creating websites and digital content entirely unrestricted to people with disabilities — if they could. You may think, is it possible? Yes, it’s possible with some significant process, but we’re far from achieving this goal. Also, we have to know about the limitations before starting the process. Let’s see-  

Where does automation work?  

According to research statistics, when website development begins, it comprises an average of 60.9 accessibility defects. These issues create problems for a person with disabilities in understanding the text, images, or content structure. Therefore, an automated testing tool is a significant first step and a real timesaver to identify the most apparent accessibility challenges.  

Accessibility software is available as either free browser extensions or standalone software. A side advantage of these tools is that educating developers with little accessibility knowledge will see defects as the software catches them, then learn how to fix them. In addition, these testing tools use a built-in accessibility rules library of common problems.  

You can also integrate the tool into the browser, your developer’s development, and debugging environment and provide an interactive testing mode and API embedded into automated regression tests.  

Where is manual intervention required?    

Unfortunately, there is no magical shell for automating the complete accessibility testing and remediation procedure or ensuring Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and acts related to disabilities.   

The technology doesn’t yet exist for usability testing that can replace all forms of manual testing. Furthermore, if you’re not trusting accurate personas with disabilities to help in usability testing, you’ll overlook crucial feedback on the practicality of the task completion they must undertake. Finally, usability testing is one of the slower, more expensive parts of the testing process but is incredibly beneficial for conversions, reduced abandonment, and customer loyalty.  

Hence, the best way is to utilize automation tools and other tools that improve the efficiency of manual testing in possible areas.  

How People Tech Group Can Support You in Web Accessibility 

Web accessibility isn’t only about being more user-friendly but also around satisfying the legal requirements duly. Therefore, it’s vital for each organization today to meet web accessibility standards and web accessibility guidelines. In addition, many countries are making it mandatory to enable and provide solace to permanently, temporarily, and conditionally disabled users.  

We train your Development & Testing teams, identify the areas of concern, provide free assessment checks with PACT and remediate code actions suitably. We empathize with you and ethically ensure that you align with the globally recognized accessibility practices and help increase your brand value.  

If you are interested in digging deeper into our web accessibility services, talk to our web accessibility consultant. We would love to collaborate!  

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