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People Tech Group is a leader in Enterprise Solutions, Digital Transformation, Data Intelligence and Modern Operations. We work with and have helped medium to large enterprise class customers along with fortune 500 clients by utilizing our expertise in technology integration development and implementation to accelerate our client’s most important initiatives. Over the years, People Tech Group has broadened its services by acquiring – the Ramp Group, our UX Design Studio, CodeSmart, our Government Division, and Fyrsoft, our Modern Data Center solution partner.


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Leadership Principles

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We uphold ourselves to highest ethical standards which earns the trust of our clients and stakeholders.

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Customer Focus

The customer is the reason we exist and the only guarantee of our future. That is why we always try to keep our customers happy.

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We are an inclusive workplace. We do not discriminate under any circumstances.

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We believe in respecting everyone based on their own merit. Respect given bequeaths respect received.

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Being Nimble

We are always up on our feet and are always ready to take on new challenges and deliver best possible solutions to clients.

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Curiosity is what propels us to keep learning new things, technologies and methods.

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We believe in empowering our employees with the latest technologies and inspiring them to increase their productivity.

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We think long term and do not sacrifice long-term value for short-term gain. We prioritise company and team over individual efforts.

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We expect and require innovation our teams and always find ways to simplify. We are externally aware, look for new ideas from everywhere.

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Being Agile

We are always up-to-date with latest technologies and we believe in incorporating Agile methodologies in all our deliverables.

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It’s Safe to Fail

We believe that our failures lead to our successes. We enshrine acceptance of failure — and willingness to admit failure early — in the practices and processes of the company.

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We embed excellence in everything that we do; all the while looking to make things better based on our natural inquisitiveness.


We are committed to providing our employees with a positive and diverse work environment that encourages continued learning and personal growth. This allows our employees to unlock their creativity and be inspired to provide first class solutions to our customers.

Our customer focus is to understand high-value solutions and help scale their business while keeping their vision forefront. Each project that People Tech takes on is founded on the principle that user experience, information technology, and business goals are interconnected and essential to an exceptional end-result. We provide a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions to help our clients improve their business performance.

Our Culture

At People Tech, success is driven by the idea that our customers, employees and community are our family. We believe in supporting ideas and activities that drive passion with our employees and incorporate those interests into organized activities. This has created a positive workplace culture resulting in an increase in productivity and creativity in the solutions we provide to our customers.


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New Partnership in Ground-breaking Automation & AI

People Tech and UiPath have launched a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services capability for organizations looking to increase efficiency through enterprise automation software. People Tech’s “RPA Service” will drive Operational efficiencies by creating Digital Smart Workers and leveraging UiPath’s Intelligent Automation Platform to accelerate the Digital Transformation at their customers at scale.

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People Tech Group Becomes Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Partner

Jun 11, 2021 After becoming the Amazon EMR EC2 Service Delivery Partner, the People Tech Group has announced that it has now been selected for QuickSight Service Delivery Partner.


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People Tech Group Adds Another Feather in Crown; Becomes Amazon EMR, EC2 Service Delivery Partner

May 27, 2021 – The People Tech Group announced that it is now an Amazon EMR Service Delivery partner for deeper collaboration with Amazon Web Solutions to innovate and deliver high-quality services.


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People Tech Group helps to support the launch of Professional Services in AWS Marketplace

[December 3, 2020]– People Tech Group announced today that it is participating in the launch of Professional Services in AWS Marketplace. (more…)

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People Tech Group Now an Event Partner at the ScaleUp 360° Car HMI USA Event, 2020

People Tech Group and its group company Ramp Group are now participating in the ScaleUp 3600 Car HMI USA event between November 16 – 19, 2020. (more…)

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People Tech Group Achieves Advanced Consulting Partner Status in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network

People Tech Group announced today that it has achieved Advanced Consulting Partner status in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN). To qualify for the APN Advanced Consulting Partner tier, partners must meet thorough requirements that demonstrate the scale of their AWS expertise, capabilities, and engagement in the AWS ecosystem.

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People Tech Group Launches the Automotive Center of the Future

Focus on Developing Next Generation In-Vehicle Solutions

People Tech Group today announced the launch of Automotive Center of the Future (ACF). This research center will focus on advancing Human-to-Vehicle interactions by leveraging the latest technologies alongside our valued Automotive industry partners. The center will bring together current and future research into driver and passenger in-vehicle experiences that transform how vehicle information is leveraged for an enhanced experience.


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Outside-In I.T.: FyrSoft’s webinar in partnership with Microsoft helps enterprises better secure and manage their ‘remote work’ environments

On August 26th People Tech Group’s sister entity – FyrSoft hosted a webinar in partnership with Microsoft, titled “Outside-In I.T.,”. The webinar discussed the challenges businesses face as their core business operations are shifting outside of their corporate networks; and how FyrSoft and Microsoft can help enterprises manage this paradigm shift efficiently.


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Windows Virtual Desktop: Technology Empowering Businesses Amid the Coronavirus Chaos

How People Tech and Fyrsoft has helped City of Atlanta quickly implement Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) to allow its remote employees access to their business applications virtually on cloud.

The Wall Street Journal featured one of our clients, the City of Atlanta, and their response to the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Numly Partners with People Tech Group to Transform Employee Engagement & Human Experience with the power of AI

Numly™ partners with People Tech Group to deliver SaaS solutions to drive phenomenal engagement and productivity gains across medium and large organisations.


Cupertino, CA based Numly, Inc. is excited to announce a Strategic Partnership with Seattle, WA based People Tech Group to expand their cloud-based Solution Suite by integrating Numly’s machine-learning based employee engagement and human experience cloud solution with People Tech’s world class strategy-led next-gen HR technology services. The partnership will propel the reach of Numly’s Employee Engagement and Human Experience solution to help companies counter employee turnover and talent retention using the power of AI and people analytics.

People Tech Group partnership with Numly

Numly has chosen People Tech Group as the World-wide Implementation Services partner due to People Tech’s extensive expertise in providing strategic Digital Transformation HR tech services to customers worldwide. They have significant experience in delivering SaaS solutions integrated with HR stacks such as Workday, Oracle HCM/Peoplesoft, SAP/SuccessFactors and Learning Management Platforms such as Cornerstone OnDemand to global Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Expedia, GM, Stanford University and Microsoft. The new partnership is aimed at developing Numly’s solution suite and make it a market leader in promoting advanced engagement, and data-driven retention, facilitated by continuous skill development and coaching based on rich employee insights and analytics.

People Tech has also made a strategic investment in Numly based on the company’s vision to accelerate innovation and market share growth.

Vishwa Prasad, CEO of People Tech spoke about the partnership, “We are very excited to be investing in Numly as they have the most innovative and scalable AI-enabled Employee Engagement and Talent Analytics platform targeted at the needs of Fortune 500 companies. We feel Numly will be the LinkedIn for Employee Engagement and Talent Development. Companies need Numly to develop their leaders and strengthen the bench with leaders at all levels. Leaders that are capable of making good decisions and drive business growth.”

Bob Duffy, Managing Partner of People Tech says “We are very much aligned with Numly’s vision to help employees up their game by addressing engagement and talent development challenges through next-gen HR tech. Our customers are looking for radical innovations to address employee experience. People Tech is excited to be a strategic partner for Numly’s solution suite to power continuous performance management and skill development programs that can be taken to our customers. We are on a collective mission to up level employee performance and transform business performance.”

Madhukar Govindaraju, Founder and CEO of Numly, Inc. also had a few words to say about the partnership – “We are excited to partner with People Tech as they bring significant expertise in delivering HR solutions to customers worldwide. Numly’s will work with People Tech to help their customers develop inclusive and supportive culture that drives leadership development at all levels. Boosted by People Tech’s technical expertise, Numly’s solution suite will guide companies to cultivate a team mind set and build teams that cross organization silos.”

Numly recently launched its IGNITE program to help organizations jump start their employee engagement and retention initiatives via its purpose-led employee engagement platform – FDBKPro Enterprise Cloud, a machine-learning based, intelligent professional development and mentoring application. FDBKPro leverages the power of AI to drive employee engagement, retention and productivity. With IGNITE, Numly aims to simplify the process for companies to quickly onboard the solution for a fixed group of employees and get started on their journey to incorporate diverse and inclusive feedback culture.

About Numly, Inc. (http://www.numly.io)

Numly’s mission is to innovate with Machine Learning and AI, to address employee engagement and human experience challenges that are plaguing the modern, global workplace. The company’s secure, cloud-based software offerings, brings AI to enterprises and working professionals, in all industries and verticals, world-wide. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Numly is committed to bringing breakthrough innovations and drive global impact. For more information, please visit https://www.numly.io/.

About People Tech Group, Inc. (http://www.peopletech.com)

People Tech Group is a global IT Services Consultancy based in Redmond, Washington dedicated to helping its customers deploy advanced technology for competitive advantage. People Tech enables its customers to transform and remain competitive by applying enterprise cloud, AI, mobile and IoT technology innovations to create stronger relationships with their customers and employees. For more information, please visit https://www.peopletech.com.

EINPRESSWIRE : https://www.einpresswire.com/article/503743152/numly-partners-with-people-tech-group-to-transform-employee-engagement-skills-development-experience-with-power-of-ai

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PeopleTech Group Now Recognized with NMSDC’s MBE Certification: A Step Toward Newer Business Landscapes

The National Minority Supplier Development Council’s (NMSDC) mission is to provide certified minorities with expansive business opportunities by conducting executive educational programs, offering networking opportunities, etc. To achieve this mission, NMSDC recognizes a special category of people known as the Minority Business Executives (MBEs) – meaning U.S. citizens of Asian, Black, Hispanic and Native American identities who own businesses in the U.S.

NMSDC Certified 2019

NMSDC Certified 2019

People Tech Group’s (PTG) leadership has recently been recognized as a NMSDC Certified MBE. With this recognition, PTG can now leverage NMSDC’s offerings to reach out for newer partnerships and ultimately expand our business into new directions.


The NMSDC network consists of 23 regional affiliate councils across the country, with a national office in New York City and a growing team of around 1450 members. The council is equipped to offers solutions to evolving business needs by leveraging its network of 12000+ certified minority-owned businesses.

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People Tech Group recognized as a Select Consulting Partner by Amazon Web Services.

People Tech Group, a leader in IT consulting services, today announced that Amazon Web Services has recognized People Tech Group as a Select Consulting Partner within their Amazon Partner Network. People Tech Group enables companies to deliver fast, secure data across the enterprise, move applications to the cloud and exponentially increase software quality and security.

AWS Partner Network

AWS Partner

Amazon Web Services is focused on helping global APN Partners build successful AWS-based businesses and solutions by providing business, technical, marketing, and go-to-market support. As a Select AWS Consulting Services Partner, People Tech Group has grown its expertise and honed skills designing and developing native cloud-based solutions as well as migrating existing systems to the cloud.

Achieving the AWS Machine Learning Competency recognizes PeopleTech’s experience helping customers implement innovative AI solutions using AWS Sage Maker. PeopleTech helps companies extract insight from their existing data sources and drive new business initiatives or optimize their operations.

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In a new twist on venture labs: People Tech Group forms captive venture lab, spins off Ubikite

The first spin off simplifies complex IT tasks significantly improving productivity of IT teams

REDMOND, WA, USA, July 12, 2019

Venture foundries provide fertile ground for disruptive ideas to take shape, usually supported by venture capital firms who recruit management teams with domain-specific knowledge to lead their foundry’s startups. But consulting firms that are established in their field are already well familiar with their customer’s needs and have the market-tested subject matter experts already onboard, bringing a working knowledge of their customer’s challenges. These firms can leverage this experience to bring solutions to respond to those needs.

Bob Duffy

Bob Duffy, CEO and Founder of Ubikite

One consulting firm says it’s uniquely-equipped to handle a brand-new need that will soon be shared by companies of all shapes and sizes across the globe, that is the management of Microsoft Windows as more and more infrastructure, apps, and data move to the cloud. Tom Malone, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at People Tech Group’s Triangulum Labs said, “We have a team that has literally 50 combined years understanding what IT Professionals want in the Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) and Windows-as-a-Service (WaaS) space, so when we built our startup Ubikite’s solutions, they were grounded in real-world knowledge.

“During the build-out of Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), we wrote the Powershell WVD scripts used for initial field trials. Armed with this knowledge, we built Ubikite DaaS Manager to provide a dashboard that makes deploying and managing WVD environments simple and intuitive,” says Bob Duffy, CEO at Ubikite. “Plus our years of experience helping our client’s migrate to the latest Window’s offering provided us the insight to create Ubikite WaaS Manager, a dashboard providing IT Professionals the tools they need to discover, deploy and monitor their shift to Microsoft’s Windows-as-a-Service”.

The new venture studio will launch its suite of upstart tools at the upcoming touchstone event for the Microsoft partner community, Inspire, in Las Vegas next week. Several additional new ventures are also being explored by Triangulum Labs, Malone explained.

“Ubikite’s tools are coming to the market just as Microsoft’s Windows-as-a-Service and Windows Virtual Desktop are being deployed across enterprises. These tools are ready to help IT Professionals navigate the shift to the modern Workplace,” said Malone.

About Ubikite: Ubikite is a startup based in Redmond, Washington dedicated to creating powerful, intuitive tools that make complex IT tasks quick and easy. For more information, email hello@ubikite.com

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Microsoft’s cloud-first focus impacts companies stuck with legacy workplace technology

Ubikite – a Redmond based startup from People Tech Group launches a suite of tools to help them manage this change

REDMOND, WA, USA, July 9, 2019

Microsoft is now fully-focused on the cloud, sending a disruptive ripple through many companies still maintaining legacy workplace technology. The move also opens a new opportunity for solution providers with the expertise to guide IT professionals through the cumbersome process of modernization.

Bob Duffy

Vishwa Prasad, CEO, People Tech Group

Consulting firm veterans in Redmond are among those leading the way. PeopleTech Group is spinning out a new product development venture dedicated specifically to filling this emerging need.

“Our customers are facing the reality that the desktop operating systems they are familiar with are changing, driven largely by very real malware threats. Microsoft has announced the end of Windows 7 security patches and support in 2020, and Windows 10 updates will begin to happen more rapidly. IT professionals need tools to help them manage this change. We formed Ubikite to provide our clients automated help for managing this change,” says Vishwa Prasad, CEO of People Tech Group.

Similar start-ups have popped up across the United States, responding by promising to shepherd companies onto the cloud with one or more proprietary IaaS solutions—e.g. CloudJumper, Nerdio, and Frame—but few provide solutions for infrastructures managed exclusively on Microsoft Azure, WVD, and WaaS.

“With Ubikite tools, both on-prem Windows 10 desktops managed under WaaS and virtual desktops on WVD become much more manageable. IT professionals can become instant experts on WaaS and WVD, completing hours-worth of work in seconds with almost no learning curve,” said Prasad. “That is the power of Ubikite’s dashboard, automation and monitoring solutions. Enterprise users as well as Service Providers can use these tools to accelerate their move to Microsoft’s Modern Desktop”.

Ubikite is a startup based in Redmond, Washington dedicated to creating powerful, intuitive tools that make complex on-prem and virtual desktop management tasks quick and easy. For more information, email hello@ubikite.com

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People Tech Group reorganizes into three groups: Enterprise Consulting, New Ventures and IT Staffing.

Redmond, WA – July 8, 2019

Enterprise companies recognize that they must transform to remain competitive as cloud, AI, mobile, social and IoT technology innovations shift their markets. The knowledge that they must become more nimble is driving their search for expertise with deep technical expertise of these change factors, the proficiency to innovate the solutions and the enterprise savvy to deploy them. People Tech Group has built its reputation on its ability to serve Enterprise with creative, efficient and durable solutions in this dynamic environment.

Vishwa Prasad CEO

Vishwa Prasad, CEO, People Tech Group

People Tech Group (PTG) has fostered the development of teams of specialists that have delivered successful Digital Transformation and Enterprise Automation initiatives for companies like General Motors, Microsoft, Amazon and Stanford University. In doing so, PTG has also built products that support these solutions and has developed staffing expertise to attract talent. Focusing teams of technical experts on the needs of the Enterprise requires different skills than scaling product ventures or staffing, so PTG is spinning out its enterprise consultancy from its staffing and new venture initiatives. With this reorganization, the enterprise consulting group will be positioned to aggressively expand its footprint across North America.

“Our enterprise customers recognize the value we deliver helping them deploy leading edge technologies across their organizations. These technical experts need seasoned industry veterans to lead them and to help our customers transform their products and back office systems”, says Vishwa Prasad, CEO of People Tech Group.

PTG has also created the new venture investing group, Triangulum Labs, while retaining PTG’s traditional IT Services and Staffing group. “Triangulum Labs has evolved into a full-fledged venture foundry providing early stage companies an environment that is conducive to fostering disruptive ideas and bringing them to market”, says Prasad. “Triangulum has a stable of well positioned startups that will be launching in the coming year. You will be hearing more about these exciting companies as they complete minimum viable products and move out into their markets”. This reorganization will allow Prasad to focus his energies into the emerging new venture business. Prasad will be transitioning full-time out of the consulting business and focusing on working with new ventures.

The enterprise consulting unit will be the new parent company of Ramp Group, CodeSmart and FyrSoft, companies acquired by PTG over the last several years. These brands will continue in the markets they serve but will be organized under the new management of the enterprise consulting unit.

“The enterprise consulting group will focus on automation in the enterprise”, states Prasad, “this means continuing to attract and develop deep technical expertise in advanced data technologies, artificial intelligence and user experience, while also retaining our core expertise in enterprise solutions”.

“Driving this reorganization is the desire to create additional value”, continues Prasad. “As part of this, we will be creating equity sharing structures in the form of management option pools that will be used to attract architects, solution specialists and subject matter experts, as well as the management talent needed to lead the organizations”.

About PTG: People Tech Group is a global IT Services Consultancy based in Redmond, Washington dedicated to helping our customers deploy advanced technology for competitive advantage. For more information, email info@peopletech.com.

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Top 20 of Cloud Computing Companies in Puget Sound Region

Redmond, WA – May 31, 2019 – People Tech Group (A Redmond, WA based company) was listed in the Top 20 Cloud Companies in 2018 in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

People Tech Group, a Global leader (Redmond, WA) in the Cloud Services, Enterprise Applications and IT Services marketplace, have been listed among the top 20 Cloud Companies in the Puget Sound region for the year 2019. We’re proud to be published in the Puget Sound Business Journal (May 31) for our proven expertise and demonstrated commitment to deliver infrastructure solutions that meet a multitude of customer deployment scenarios in the cloud space. People Tech draws its expertise from strategic partnerships with Cloud platform providers like Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle and Cisco and combines that with the deep understanding of its employees to provide best of breed solutions for clients.

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Join People Tech at CSUN 2019!

It’s the event for everyone who are working on the advancement and use of accessible technology and learn how to make your digital applications accessible for disabled users?

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People Tech announces IT Internship

Successful IT Internship program marches on

Bellevue, WA— January 9, 2019—People Tech (a Bellevue, WA based company) announces the successful completion of the November/December Internship class. Nine out of Ten Interns in that class have moved on to full-time jobs within the company.

“We provide this Internship program to offer an entry point for job-seekers who desire a career in the high-paying IT field. These Interns would otherwise not have a point of entry into an IT career.” said Mark W. Meyer, Executive Vice President at People Tech.

An opportunity to gain a career in IT

The People Tech Group of companies and clients benefit from this Internship class. Once an Intern successfully graduates from the 6-week Internship program, they are offered a full-time role with a People Tech company. As full-time employees they continue their learning in real-life “On the Job” scenarios within the company as well as with clients. This training continues to be managed and mentored by industry professionals with 6-10 years of experience to ensure quality of work and help the newly minted tech professional grow their knowledge and skills.

Growing the local IT talent pool

The Internship program responds to an industry need for dynamic tech talent and addresses some of the shortages thereof. People Tech recognizes this shortage, and this is the company’s contribution in order to widen the pool of local talent. To that goal, People Tech now has the next class of 12 Interns starting on January 9, 2019. The plan is to create a rolling class of Interns numbering between 8 and 15 at all times. This year’s goal is to have at least 45 people run through the Internship program in 2019.

Founded in 2006, People Tech is a global leader (with headquarters in Bellevue, WA) in the Enterprise Applications and IT Services marketplace. People Tech draws its expertise from strategic partnerships with technology leaders like Microsoft, Oracle, Peoplesoft and SAP and combines that with the deep understanding of its employees to provide best of breed solutions for clients.

People Tech
For more information:
Mark W, Meyer
For more information on People Tech, Inc. :
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People Tech acquires FyrSoft

People Tech Group continues growth through key acquisition.

Continues expanding its market reach and services

Redmond, WA, June 16, 2016: People Tech Group (www.peopletechgroup.com) has acquired a controlling interest in FyrSoft, LLC (www.fyrsoft.com) – a Houston, TX based premier US Microsoft Managed Partner, delivering award winning cloud and datacenter services and solutions for modern business. This allows People Tech to continue its growth in providing more services to its world-wide client base as well as provide another office for service and operations. People Tech currently serves customers out of offices in Redmond, WA (HQ), Olympia, WA, Warren, MI, Philadelphia, PA, and Santa Clara, CA, along with its global development centers in Hyderabad and Bangalore India.

Vishwa Prasad, CEO of People Tech Group says, “This acquisition will give us new service capabilities that our clients have been asking for. It also enhances and extends our current services for cloud-based computing. Our plan is to have FyrSoft stand-alone and continue to provide their industry recognized (a five time Microsoft Gold Partner) services and add People Tech services to their client base as we (People Tech) will do with their services.”

This acquisition comes after many months of conversations and discovery to fully understand what benefits each company will receive out of this acquisition. Ryan Brennan, President of FyrSoft, explains, “We considered a lot of companies to work with in expanding our service offering. People Tech had the best complimentary services and culture fit for our team. We plan to significantly expand our Microsoft consulting services for customers and expect a lot of strong growth over the coming years being part of the People Tech global family.”

This is a continuation in the acquisition strategy People Tech started on in 2011 with the purchase of the Ramp Group …expanding its profile in User Experience Design, Business Analytics and Embedded Software and Systems. And again in 2014 with the acquisition of CodeSmart an Olympia, WA based company specializing in solutions to state, local and federal government.

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People Tech Group joins the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

People Tech now provides hosting services to our clients with enterprise applications and innovative custom solutions

Using People Tech Group on Microsoft Azure, you can optimize revenue generation and customer experience with easy access to our custom build solutions.

People Tech Group has announced that the enterprise applications are extended to the cloud, while utilizing the industry best practices. It helps our clients to improve their operational efficiencies and experience the growth in a short span of time.

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is a one-stop shop for thousands of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to access premium data, applications, developer services and data pre-configured for Azure. This marketplace is designed to tie with information providers, end users and developers. People Tech clients can now have a special opportunity, flexibility and right to use our growing portfolio of service offerings for extending enterprise applications to Azure.

Our services span from Strategy and Planning, Deployment, Migration, Application Development, Integration, UI UX Development and Managed Services. We have utilized Microsoft technologies to implement industry specific solutions that are conceived and developed to provide a competitive edge to our client’s business. Since inception, People Tech has worked closely with Microsoft to provide the best available tools and support for our clients.

With the presence of People Tech in the Azure Marketplace, it is now easier for ISVs to migrate their complex multi-tenanted cloud applications to the market in a timely and cost-effective manner. People Tech works with ISVs to transform their applications to Azure. We assess and plan the transition of the application to Azure with an eye toward cost effectiveness, optimizing the ISVs return on investment.

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Top technology journal interviews CEO

The CIO Review Journal held an exclusive interview with CEO Vishwa Prasad, that has been published in the September 2014 issue. The talk focused on the strategy of People Tech Group, and that customers are indeed their top priority. Mr Vishwa Prasad emphasized on the ‘vicinity’ factor, and no wonder People Tech employees are seasoned to recognize customers’ needs before they are deployed locally for greater efficiency. Speaking further, he also shed some light on the roadmap ahead.

People Tech: Treating their Customers with the Highest Priority

By Benita M


In this time and era, managing the total cost of ownership and keeping systems and Oracle applications up to date has become an enigmatic task for many executives, as new Oracle solutions are coming forth on a continuing basis. The escalating demand for a reliable consultant, capable of managing the system upgrades for the companies to keep their business environment up and running commendably, has laid the foundation for People Tech.

Based in Bellevue, WA, People Tech is a maestro in ERP technologies, web-based technologies and clientserver computing, which is helping its clients with its integrated with experience in Implementation, Support Maintenance, and Upgrade of ERP applications in the areas of Oracle, PeopleSoft, and SAP. Initially founded to promote enterprise applications, today, People Tech, a renowned Oracle Gold partner, has a broad portfolio of business and technology solutions enabling customers worldwide to reach their business goals.

People Tech has a sizable inventory of customized analytical tools which are harnessed to accelerate the upgrading processcustomers worldwide to reach their business goals.has laid the foundation for People Tech.

Adapting to the Customer’s Business Environment
People Tech is known for its deep involvement in every project it takes. The company begins its operation with understanding the pain points of their customers first, followed by adapting to their business environment and incorporating standard practices into their business functionality and business process mapping. One of the core strengths of People Tech is its eminent Oracle solutions and integrating it into PeopleSoft, which the company is leveraging to empower its clients to compete effectively on a global scale by significantly improving application performance resulting in accelerated business growth. People Tech through PeopleSoft also offers range of services such as Human Capital Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, and Customer Relationship Management, among others.

People Tech has a sizable inventory of customized analytical tools which are harnessed to accelerate the upgrading process. The company has also developed data scrambling tools and mobile applications to tackle the challenges inherent with data security in offshore projects and approvals for enterprise applications

Staying in your Vicinity
Success of a company depends on its employees, and at People Tech this notion is taken fervently throughout all aspect of the company. In People Tech, individuals are encouraged to ask curious questions and to make customers their highest priority, before putting together the customer solutions. Teams are then deployed locally to the client’s office, which enables them to minimize the delivering time of solutions.

Amazon, Expedia, Port of Seattle, and Stanford University, are some of the companies scintillating the clientele of People Tech whom they enjoy long term relationships with.

Roadmap Ahead
In the coming months, People Tech is gearing up their focus on Automation, Cloud and Mobility. Apart from this, the company has made many robust plans for the imminent future. “We want to continue the focus CodeSmart (a subsidiary of People Tech) has built on serving public entities as well as their dedication to customer intimacy providing quality solutions to their clients. We intend to extend the brand and the good will associated with it into other markets and areas.” says Vishwa Prasad, President and CEO of People Tech Group.

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People Tech in Top 100 Oracle vendors list of CIO Review Journal

CIO Review, a reputed technology journal, has interviewed the honorable CEO Mr. Vishwa Prasad as it announced People Tech Group as featured vendor in its list of 100 Oracle Solution Providers 2014. The journal has covered many aspects of the firm as a technology and platform provider for their customers as a favorite Oracle vendor. It has also developed a “sizable inventory of customized analytical tools” that are used for the most optimum ERP and technology upgrade for its clients to fit their underlying business needs.

big cio review

100 Most Promising Oracle Solution Providers

Oracle is the world’s leading supplier of software for information management and is best known for its sophisticated relational database products which are used in Fortune 1000 corporations. It is no secret that Oracle solutions and products are at the heart of many enterprises across the world. Be it running financials, Server and Storage Systems, Middleware, Engineered Systems; Oracle is the knight in shining armor for every CIO.

Oracle has its reach in the Engineering and Construction, Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas, public sector amongst others. Products such the Oracle Hyperion, E-business Suite, Oracle DB, Fusion Sales Cloud, Fusion HCM and many others form the core of the enterprises ecosystem.

Although for most of the 35 years since its founding, Oracle has been firmly fixated on the on-premises software market. Today, the company that only a few years ago marginalized the promise of cloud computing is now firmly entrenched in the SaaS camp, and even goes so far as to say that its cloud business is key to its success moving forward.

In this changing environment, the downside of being such a giant is that a prospective customer would need to sift through a huge stack of products to narrow down on the one that suits their business. Today’s CIOs are on the lookout for partners who are leading consulting and solutions providers with strong business acumen, industry focused consultants and practices, change management skills, and tools built for specific industries. Furthermore, Oracle clients desire for fully managed solutions from firms with an “asset heavy” footprint, global data presence and strong skills around infrastructure management.

The Industry giant partners with many vendors big and small, ranging from multinational corporations to small players to specialist providers. Existing within this universe of Oracle partners are a select few who are above the league. And through this edition of CIOReview, we will help clients get more insights into the capabilities of the major global service providers who are strong in Oracle technologies.

As a prelude to CIOReview’s 100 Most Promising Oracle Solutions Providers 2014, our selections panel the capabilities of thousands of vendors in this space that have skills to tackle complex challenges. The companies featured have showcased an in-depth expertise in delivering integrated and innovative technologies to streamline operations across the Oracle landscape. A distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of CIOReview selected the final 100 companies that are at the forefront of tackling today’s challenge in the Oracle ecosystem.

We present to you CIOReview’s 100 Most Promising Oracle Solutions Providers 2014.

peopletech cio review


A provider of hosted application management and managed hosting provider.

Key Person:
Vishwa Prasad,
President & CEO

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Annual conference in San Francisco

Oracle Open World Conference in San Francisco connects professionals and technocrats from domain areas to experience and share the latest in terms of technology and underlying architecture. As a preferred partner of Oracle, People Tech looks forward annually to a very active presence both in the conference proceedings and in the event showcase. People Tech uses this platform to share product briefings on its latest ERP efforts and network at all levels from executives to developers and end-users.

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Bellevue, WA, June 19, 2014

People Tech Group, Inc. (PTG), here by announces that 75% ownership of CodeSmart has been acquired by People Tech Group, Inc. a global business and technology solutions consulting company.

“This was a key acquisition for People Tech Group as we continue to grow and expand. We truly want to continue the focus CodeSmart has built on serving public entities as well as their dedication to customer intimacy providing quality solutions to their clients”, said Vishwa Prasad, President and CEO of People Tech Group. “We intend to extend the brand and the good will associated with it into other markets and areas. CodeSmart, through its consultants, has done a great job building trust and confidence with their clients and we want to continue that process.”

On the other hand CodeSmart CEO also spoke on this occasion, saying;

“We are keenly excited to be a part of People Tech Group. Combining our two organizations provides CodeSmart with increased scale in offerings to existing clients as well as expansion into other geographic areas where People Tech Group already has a presence. This also provides greater opportunities for our consultants allowing them to continue to grow their careers”, said Chad Stoker, Founder, CEO and CTO of CodeSmart. “As we focused on our business planning and reviewed industry trends, we decided a merger with a well-run, high-end partner like People Tech Group would be the best solution to meet our clients’ and staff’s future needs”, Stoker added.

“This was a key acquisition for People Tech Group as we continue to grow and expand. We truly want to continue the focus CodeSmart has built on serving public entities as well as their dedication to customer intimacy providing quality solutions to their clients”, said Vishwa Prasad, President and CEO of People Tech Group. “We intend to extend the brand and the good will associated with it into other markets and areas. CodeSmart, through its consultants, has done a great job building trust and confidence with their clients and we want to continue that process.”

On the other hand CodeSmart CEO also spoke on this occasion, saying;

“We are keenly excited to be a part of People Tech Group. Combining our two organizations provides CodeSmart with increased scale in offerings to existing clients as well as expansion into other geographic areas where People Tech Group already has a presence. This also provides greater opportunities for our consultants allowing them to continue to grow their careers”, said Chad Stoker, Founder, CEO and CTO of CodeSmart. “As we focused on our business planning and reviewed industry trends, we decided a merger with a well-run, high-end partner like People Tech Group would be the best solution to meet our clients’ and staff’s future needs”, Stoker added.

CodeSmart will continue to operate under the CodeSmart brand. Mark W. Meyer will continue on as President and COO and remains an owner in partnership with People Tech Group. Chad Stoker will move into the CTO role for both companies and Hans Stoker will take on the role as a liaison between CodeSmart and People Tech Group to ensure a seamless transition.

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at Denver, CO on April 7- April 11, 2013

Key Topics: Performance and scalability, Manageability, High Availability, Storage, Data Warehousing, Engineered Systems, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing and more…

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This is the one annual event where you can network with 3000+ other working users, discuss the applications we use, our unique implementations, our successes and the pitfalls we’ve overcome. Every year Alliance gets bigger and better.

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HIMSS 2013

at New Orleand, LA on March 3 – March 7, 2013

Networking with more than 30,000 industry professionals, Conference education sessions, Exhibition hall featuring 1000+ healthcare IT companies.

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