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Web Accessibility Overview

From a human being to being human, inclusiveness determines the quality of accessibility, with no barriers whatsoever. Web accessibility is the ability for everyone being able to use the internet, regardless of their condition. It is important that the Web be accessible to everyone in order to provide equal access and opportunity.

On an average, it is observed that 1 in 5 are differently abled users across the globe. An accessible Web helps them participate moreactively in the society and is often one of the easiest ways to do business with them. Making the Web accessible to the differently abled, will end up making it accessible to everyone, thus providing Web accessibility for all!

Web accessibility isn’t just about being more user friendly, but also about meeting the legal requirements appropriately. It’s vital for each organization today to meet the web accessibility standards and web accessibility guidelines, as many countries are making it mandatory to enable and provide solace to the permanently, temporarily and conditionally disabled users.

Providing the right web accessible resources for disabled users shouldn’t be a challenge anymore, as we’ve harnessed disruptive solutions at all the stages to help you build the best accessible content for websites and applications, with all the assistive technology.Our solutions make your web content more accessible.

We train your Development & Testing teams,identify the areas of concern, provide free assessment check with PACT and remediate codeactions suitably. We empathize with you and ethically ensure that you are in line with the globally recognized accessibility practices and help increase your brand value.

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    Web accessibility isn't as hard to understand as you might think.

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    It's a combination of common sense, empathy and understanding.

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    They're all traits that most humans share, so you've got what you need already!

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    Users read/understand websites in different ways, often making use of assistive technology (for example, screen readers, text-only browsers and keyboards).

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